Cheat Game

Cheat Game- How to Play, Rules and Strategies to Win

Cheat Game is also known as Bullshit, Liar, Bluff or ‘I Doubt it! It is a shedding-based card game where bluffing or catching bluff could make you a winner. Players need to lose all their cards, and one who does it first wins the Cheat Game online. Skills such as prompt decision (as poker skills), good memory and intuition could help in reaching the first position!

Set up of Cheat Card Game Online

A Cheat Game online can be played with any number of players from 2 to 10. For 2-4 players, a standard deck of 52-Cards is enough, while for 5-10, multiple decks are combined. Aces hold the high position, and 2’s are the lowest card rankings.

The Objective of Cheat Card Game Online

The Objective of the Cheat Card Game online is to lay down your cards and not let other players know about the cards you bluff. You ultimately aim at losing all the cards from the hand at the first position to be a winner. The Cheat Game rules are simple and easy for beginners to understand. So, let’s check them out.

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How to Play Cheat Game Online?

Here are the steps on how to play Cheat Game online:

  • All the cards in Cheat Game online are dealt evenly amongst all the players, and one card is kept face-down in the centre to form a discard pile.
  • At each turn in a Cheat Card Game online, the player to the left puts a card in face-down position and announces the card value such as 4’s. The suit of cards does not matter in this cash game.
  • If the first player announces the 2’s value of cards, then the second player needs to announce 3’s, and the third has to announce 4’s in a line. After 10s, there is Jack, Queens, kings and then again, Aces.
  • The Cheat Game rules suggest that there is no necessity of actually holding the card you are announcing in Cheat Game online. If you announce 6 and discard any other cards in the face-down position, it is not at all illegal.
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  • If the next player suspects that the earlier player lied about what they have discarded, they can call ‘Cheat’ loudly.
  • After this, the earlier player in Cheat Card Game must show their discarded set of cards to everyone on the table. If they have bluffed, the player has to pick up all the cards from the discarded center pile.
  • If the ‘Challenger’ goes wrong and the player shows the actual cards they announced, then the challenger picks the discard pile as per the Cheat game rules.
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  • This completes the challenging part, and the Cheat Card Game online again resumes with the player on the other side of the one who wins the challenge.
  • As per the Cheat Game rules, if no one claims ‘Cheat’, the player is allowed to keep cards on the pile as face-down only, and they keep accumulating until someone calls out ‘Cheat’ again.
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  • Every player clockwise needs to announce a higher value card than the one laid down earlier. Even if they do not have it, they need to pretend about it in Cheat Card Game online.
  • The basic rule on how to play Cheat Game online is bluffing without getting caught by the subsequent player.
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  • If someone calls ‘Cheat’ and proved right, you need to pick all cards from the discard pile.
  • The game moves in normal rotation until any of the players lose all their cards and survive the challenges. If you do not wish to play or challenge any other player in a Cheat Card Game online, you can opt for a pass.
  • If you have laid down the last few cards of hand into the discard pile and the next player calls ‘Cheat’, you must prove if you were right as per the Cheat Game rules. If your cards were not what you called, you pick up the whole discard pile again, and the Cheat Game online continues.

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Cheat Game Rule

Apart from the basic rules and steps on how to play Cheat Game online stated above, you can also try out some variations to increase excitement. The addition of such Cheat Game rules can change the complexity of game accordingly.

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Here are a few variations of Cheat Game rules:

  • In some Cheat Card Game online, players can skip the turn or not lie if the required card value is ready played before.
  • In place of only higher card ranks, players in the Cheat Game online can allow the cards of rank above or below for the next players in rotation.
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  • With a tweak in the Cheat Game rules, players can lay down multiple card ranks in the same hand.
  • Players have to announce the same rank of cards until someone calls ‘Cheat’ or all the players in that round gives a pass.

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Variations of Cheat Card Game Online

Now, you know all about how to play Cheat Game online. A Cheat Card Game is played in several versions worldwide, such as bluff or Bullshit. In fact, if bluffing card games allure you, try Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker games at and win real money online.

  • Mogein- - It is a German version of a Cheat Card Game online that includes suits and the rank of cards. Here, the players also need to mention suit along with card rank to make a call.
  • Trust, No Trust (Verish’ Ne Verish)-It is another variation with changes in the Cheat Game rules. When players have to pick the discard pile, they can also shed any 4 cards of the same rank if present. Is any player skips the chance, the recent stack is kept aside, and the new one is made as per the Cheat Game rules.
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  • Fourshit- In this variant of the Cheat Card Game, every player lays down the same rank cards until someone makes a call the pile is picked. After this, the player to the left starts the Cheat Game with any rank of their choice. However, if any player gathers four same rank cards, they are out of the game.

Strategies on How Play Cheat Game Online

  • Don’t Bluff unless you do not have the required card value, or it might bring you to trouble later on.
  • Arrange cards in the proper sequence of the game rotation in Cheat Game online.
  • If you have to lie in Cheat Game, then go for the higher rank of cards that are about to appear in the ranking sequence. For example, if you have to make a call for 5’s, but you have 9’s and 10’s, then go for 9’s.
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  • Hook of Cheat Game rule is to recall other player’s cards as it helps in making the right bluffs.

Key Takeaways of Cheat Game Online

Now you know all about how to play Cheat Game online. As the Cheat Card Game cards are laid in a face-down position, it is hard to find the lie. If you doubt a player’s false claim in a Cheat tash game, you can ‘Challenge’ them with a ‘Cheat’ call. The loser of the challenge has to pick up the discarded pile from the centre. A Cheat Game online is a party game and adds a fun element with doubts and bluffs!

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Cheat Game- FAQs

The primary Cheat Game rule is to find if another player is lying about the card value they called by shouting ‘Cheat’. The cards in doubt are then to be revealed to all the players. The player who lied has to pick the whole discard pile and add it to their poker hands.

Cheat, Bullshit or ‘I doubt It’ are all the same where players have to shed all their cards and win the game. A Cheat card game online is all about lying and surviving challenges to become a winner in the game. If you love card games, check out more interesting poker game at and win exciting offers and welcome bonuses to play for FREE!