Concentration Card Game

Popularly known as the memory pairs matching game or the Match Match, Mexico and even the pairs game, Concentration card game is an interesting online game to polish your mental agility skills. All the cards here lay with a face down at the surface; two of them flip with face up on every turn. The game aims at grabbing the pairs of matching cards.

Concentration card game is a fun-filled game where even children can be indulged to sharpen their mathematical skills. And the best part is you can invite as many players as you wish to create your own and interact online with each other in this online game. Enjoy a kick start to your mornings with a cup of coffee and friends get with concentration card games online!

Memory pairs matching game is also playable as the solitaire or patience game. There are several terms through which the name is recognized globally. Enthusiastic teenage kids can find it challenging as well as stimulating to play this unique skill-based game. You can also identify its scheme at several quiz shows where it remains the part of an educational game. For that matter, poker is also a great option to test your strategies and problem-solving abilities!

How to Play the Concentration Card Game Online

Memory match card game online might be a familiar term to those who love to explore skill-based games! During the lockdown phase, it seems tricky to sit in a group for a board game and therefore, to play online is a good catch. Even adults or grandparents can thoroughly enjoy this game after brushing up on some rules, strategies and gameplay through this guide. The advanced memory match card game options are also available if you wish to spike up the level of challenges.

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The memory match card game aids in improvising your sustained and visual attention as well as develop better focus. It also enhances visual scanning and prompt comparison skills. For young minds, this game can be a great exercise to help them learn while playing. The gameplay begins with a standard 52-cards deck.

Simple concept, easy concentration card game rules and developmental benefits make it a leading option for most players. When you play match card games, players need to fit in the right pair of cards with minimal flips into it. This game is playable between 2, 4, 6 or even more players. To amp up the excitement, multiple variations of concentration card games online depending on the difficulty levels are organised online, so take your pick!

Concentration Card Game Rules

Wish to play the card memory game online? Have a look at the steps and rules to understand the basics of the game quickly. And the following concentration card game rules are applicable on the standard deck of cards available in the market or online.

Rule 1

If Jokers are not part of your memory match card games, spread cards with face down into four rows divided into 13 cards each. Besides, you can include jokers and set six rows of nine cards each. The number of cards increases as per the players included in the game.

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Rule 2

Every time, you can decide specific rules for matching pairs in online cash games of memory match card games. They can either be of the same value and colour. It means pairs like the king of hearts and diamonds or six of spades and clubs. Joker pair can also be an option if used in the game. If you are also planning to indulge kids in the private play card room online, go for the same value card or only colour to avoid confusion. After that, you can begin flipping the cards.

Rule 3

When you play real money games online, of this tash game, pick two cards and keep them face-up turn by turn. It is known as ‘flip’. When two cards match the rules set before, you win a pair and again start the play. And if they are not the match, you probably lose the chance, and the player at your left continues.

Rule 4

The memory card game ends when no cards are left for a match. The ultimate winner is the player having the majority of the pairs. However, there can also be a tie for gaining the first position in this tash game.

Memory Match Card Game Strategy

As it is a skill-based game, you need to adopt the right strategies and mainly if you aim to play real money online games.

Moving on to the strategies of this online game, it is mainly about the memory power to recollect where and how many pairs have been made till now. It is a winning trump that most players miss!

  • Players in the concentration card game online need to be sure about the pairs that are out until now to find out the mate for their cards. Utilize the strategy of putting off less specific card initially so if in case it goes wrong, you always a stronger backup card for the game ahead. Frankly, good memory and presence of mind are the exact skill you need to win this game. And with that, even the young children can outrace the experts in this zone. With every flip card variation, remember that the strategy is quite simple.

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  • Before your turn, analyse the possible value of cards in the game and the probable matches that can happen. If the current player flips unknown cards and the next match is known, the next match can be anticipated. And if it does not work in this sequence; follow the mathematics below:
  • If any player chooses an unknown card randomly, there is a 1/(t-1-n) probability of getting the match; you can also impart an equal opportunity to the opponent to find the suitable match.
  • There are also a few exceptions as there are always fringe cases where players can find odd pairs or matches and get unexpected wins.
  • Remember that every move and card you put up in the memory card game gets noticed by the opponent, and it could impact your winning chances significantly.

Variations in Memory Card Game online

Here are the top variations in which you can play this popular game:

Any Colour - It is a simpler version for beginners and children as the players have to make pairs only based on colours and not rank.

One Flip - Here the players who find the match can win cards but cannot go again until their next chance arrives.

Zebra - In this variant, the rank must match for a pair while the colour must be opposite. It means the 3 of the spades can pair with the 3 of hearts but not the clubs.

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Two Deck - Do you want to give a try for a challenging version of the match card game? Then this one is good to go. Here, the dealer will shuffle two sets of 52-Cards decks and stack them in eight rows divided into thirteen cards. And the matching pair should be identical, which means the 5 of the diamonds can match with another 5 of the diamonds only. Won’t it be exciting?

Two Decks Duel - This variation of concentration card online game is played between 2 players where every player would shuffle one deck of card and lays opposite to them in four rows of thirteen cards. But players should not see others cards. Each of them will flip a card, and if it matches identically, they are removed or again flipped back.

Double Decker Checkerboard - Players can again use two-pack of cards but have different backs. It helps in better positioning towards the grid that increases the scope of making pairs.

Fancy - There is a slight layout difference from the basic memory card game in this one.

Spaghetti - Only difference here is there are no neat rows in which the cards would be placed. Instead, they are randomly spread to pick, flip, match and win!

Pexeso - It is a specifically designed version often used in quiz games that comes in a 64 cards pack, and each has two images. And the pictures could be photos of monuments, cartoon characters or even ancient figures. Online real money games of this variation is super fun.

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Memory card games online or the concentration game is all about the promptness of mind and quick comparison skills to find suitable matches. And you can even try out the real money games once you have had enough practice on free entry games.

Concentration Card Game FAQs

It is pretty simple. You can play the memory pairs matching game on your Android or iOs devices by visiting the Google Play store. Play exciting online poker card games on PokerBaazi and increase your memory and intelligence and also earn real money daily!

The goal to win the Match memory game is to clear maximum cards in hand by making pairs in the minimum time possible. You need to beat the opponent by creating a higher score, and the average duration for which the game last is 20 minutes, but it also depends on the number of players in the game.

A standard 52-cards deck is divided into 4 rows of 13 cards each, and every player needs to find the card match as per the rules of the Concentration game. The first player with maximum pairs by their side score the highest points and wins the game.

Players need to utilize their memory skills and apply strategies to find remaining cards with the opponents. With the proper judgement and assumption, you can win the concentration game without much struggle. Players can also enjoy online poker card games to test your memory, focus and psychological ability to defeat your opponents.