Court Piece

Court Piece: How to Play, Rules and Variations

Court Piece or Coat Piece card game is a famous pass time game for the people of India! The word ‘Pees’ means to deal in Hindi. And the term ‘Rung’ refers to Trump. If you fancy interesting card games for a pass time with friends, Court Piece Game is a great option. People from various urban and rural backgrounds consider this tash game a preferable option for engaging in a group game. Hands or tricks in this game are usually won by the player who owns the highest card on the table.

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In many other Asian countries, the Court Piece card game has been played and practised for several generations. So, are you also excited to know about the Court Piece rules and where to play Court Piece online with friends? Refer to the extensive guide below covering all aspects regarding the Court Piece card game because if card game online capture your interest, we have more than just one game but even an interesting palette of real money games offering impressive payouts!

Court Piece Card Game Meaning

The court is called with multiple variations in different countries such as Coat, Kout, Kot or Cot. It is more of a slam played between two teams wherein one wins a majority of the consecutive tricks while the other fails to do so. The origin of this work ‘Kot’ might be from the Dravidian or Tamil language.

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Court Piece Game Objective

The objective of players in the Court Piece Game is to gain a maximum number of courts compared to another team until the game ends.

Number of Players

When you play the Court Piece card game, players are mostly divided into team of 2 players each, and then the hands are played by each of them.


Players need a standard deck of 52 poker cards for playing this game. It is mainly a trick-taking game where you win with the highest number of hands by your side. In Court Piece Game online, teams compete with each other for winning courts and scoring high points. With the standard Court Piece rules, players can win the tricks through multiple rounds and score big with it. Before the game begins, players need to determine the timeframe for which they want to play. After the specified number of rounds during that time, the final scores release and the comparison is done to fix one winner!

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Court Piece Online Gameplay

In this online game, the first dealer might be chosen randomly, and after that, any one player from the losing side will act as the dealer. If the team of the dealer wins that round, the player next to the dealer's right will act as the new one. As per the Court Piece rules, when any player trump’s, the team wins but do not score the court; the dealer stays the same.

The dealer in Coat Piece card game shuffles, and the player at right will cut the deck. Here, each player can get a hand of 5 cards in the anti-clock direction. The player who cuts has a right to call the Trump suit. The total hands with every player must contain 13 cards in all!

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Court Piece Card Game Rankings

Rankings for the Court Piece card game is standard. First, ace remains on top, next is King and followed by Queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 while 2 is the lowest. The player on the right of the dealer begins the Court piece game and put up the first card. Following players would then follow card suit / card symbolism if available or play any other card as per the Court Piece rules. The Trump with the highest rank is allowed for wins or the topmost ranked card leads if there are trumps in the round. The winner of each trick starts with the second one. If any player wins the trick, it would be placed with a facedown pile near them.

Court Piece Rules and Scoring

Let's sneak over the top Court Piece rules that you need to learn before scoring and winning in this highly interesting game.

  • The dealer always belong to the team that lost the previous trick.
  • When the dealer wins the game, the player to their right begins with the next deal.
  • If the caller of the Trump wins the trick but refrains from scoring the court, the same dealers get the win.
  • Once the players play their hands and win a round, the scoring starts up.
  • There are cumulative scores for multiple rounds managed by the teams. The winning team need to score high by getting the majority of the tricks in their favour.
  • If any team wins 7 consecutive tricks in the Court Piece card game, then they directly get entitled to win the game.
  • When the player from the opposite team is caught cheating, even then, the team can score a coat. This terminates the existing round automatically!
  • Any team winning the first 7 tricks can jump to the next round or continue with the other hands.
  • It is very rare to win all the 13 hands and score all the 52 courts..
  • However, you need to be incredibly fortunate to witness such a scenario in the Court Piece Game online.

Court Piece Winning Streak

The team that first wins the maximum courts, coats or Kots are subject to scoring maximum points and taking the lead. With multiple card game money earning app and websites readily available these days, you can connect with friends to play Court Piece online with friends. Either any of the team need to win 7 courts in succession or the majority of them.

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Court Piece Variations

The Coat Piece card game is widely played in India, and there are many variations to this immensely popular game

  • Few players focus on the trump caller in place of the trump suit announcement and pick it from the top 5 cards dealt. These cards are separately placed from other cards on the table.
  • Some players put up the cards by indicating trump suit face down, and anyone else apart from the trump caller remains unaware of the trump suit. It is an exciting variation where the games continue without a trump until the trump indicator gets revealed. Trump caller reveals the Trump if he/she cannot cope with the suit and then the suit of trump card is followed thereon.
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Another variation of the Court Piece Game online is that the trump indicator card gets randomly selected amongst the top 5 cards of the players. Here, even the player remains unaware of the trump suit until its revelation!

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Double Sir (Sar)

Double Sir is also a variant of the Court Piece Game where Sir (Sar) refers to hand (trick). While the entire gameplay and Court Piece rules in this variation remain the same, the only difference is the winner of a hand does not take away the cards. They rather keep them face-down at the center of the table. They can pick the tricks only after winning two consecutive ones. The team winning the 13th hand can collect the pile even after losing out on the 12th one.

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Hidden Rung

It is another sub variant of the Double Sir variation of the Court Piece game wherein the first player selects a trump from the first 5 cards dealt. The player needs to pick a trump and keep it face down without intimidating anyone. Any player who cannot follow suit has an option to ask for Trump and play the trick if possible!

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The Coat Piece card game is an immensely popular and fast-paced game of cards that keeps players engrossed for a long time. If you need a good break amidst incessant Zoom call meetings and household chores, we say you can play Court Piece online with friends and ask them to challenge you with interesting variations of this game. The best part is people from all age groups can equally participate and enjoy Court Piece Game online. But need to polish yourself with the tricky Court Piece rules and follow them to fetch maximum tricks and win the game.

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Court Piece Card Game- FAQ

Players need to follow the Court Piece rules by picking the highest cards that are below 10. The winner of the first-hand leads the next in the sequence. The team that wins seven consecutive hands or the highest in the game wins the play. When you win 7 hands or tricks one after another, it is given a special reference known as ‘Kot’.

In Court Piece online, the Trump Caller needs to select the trump suit from the top 5 cards dealt to them. The dealer shuffles the deck and hands it over to the player on its immediate right. Cards are evenly distributed amongst the two teams and the team winning more than 7 tricks wins the game. It is a four-player game, and you can invite your friends online to play along!

You play the Court Piece game with a French deck of 52 playing cards with four players in partnerships of two. Players are dealt cards in groups of 5,3,3,2 or 5,4,2,2. The player sitting on the left of the dealer starts the game. The same player gets to pick the trump in the Court Piece card game.