Donkey Card Game

Donkey Master Game

Donkey card game is a speedy card game which is super fun for kids of all ages which is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. You can play the Donkey Game with playing cards and a minimum of three and maximum of thirteen players. It is best to play a Donkey Card Game with five players.

Stealth and memorizing are the only two skills required to play the Donkey playing cards. The objective of the online card game is to empty your cards before your opponents. The player who is left with the maximum number of cards at the end of the game is crowned as 'DONKEY'. It is also known as Pig and has other variants such as Spoons.

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The Donkey Master Game is the first ever online multiplayer version of the famous donkey card games. It is around 40 MB only and has more than a million downloads. You can easily download the Donkey Master on your android devices for free from Play store. The Donkey Master online cash game has a rating of 4 and is one of the most famous online donkey card games for children above the age of 7.

Donkey Card Game Rules:

The Donkey Card Game is quite a popular card game among all age groups. The game gets quite challenging and fun as no player would want to be called a Donkey. The main objective of the Donkey Monkey Card Game is to match four of a kind and avoid being left out without an object.

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To start the Donkey Monkey card game with playing cards, all the players need to sit around in a circle and then the dealer will distribute 4 cards to each player. As per the Donkey Card game rules, you need to place all the unbreakable objects in the center. You can use coins, matchsticks, dice and any other small object. One player also has to keep the score by just noting down the names of all players and keep the score as the game goes on.

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Once the dealer is done distributing four Donkey playing cards to each player, the aim of the players is to collect 4 cards of the same rank. As per the Donkey card game rules, they can pass the unwanted Donkey playing cards to the person on their left. Also, each player will receive a card from the player on the right and they can either keep it or pass it along.

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This will continue until a player has collected 4 cards of the same rank. Once a player has got the four cards of the same rank, they will place the cards upside down without telling anyone and pick up an object. According to the Donkey Card Game rules, the rest of the players also have to pick up the objects once they notice that one player has picked up one object.

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The player who is not able to pick up an object will lose the round of the Donkey Monkey Card Game and get a D first. The game will continue and if the same player is unable to pick up an object then O will be added after the D. If a new player doesn’t get it then he’ll get a D. The game will go on until one of the players has lost six times and D O N K E Y is complete in the scorecard. The first person to get DONKEY loses the Donkey Card Game.

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By following the above mentioned Donkey Card Game rules, you can play your favorite childhood card game with your friends and family and relive your childhood once again during this lockdown.

How to Play Donkey Card Game?

Donkey Master online game is multiplayer adaptation of our favorite childhood game the Donkey Card game. You can play the donkey card game online as bluff card game with gamers all around the world in the multiplayer game. You can also challenge your friends by hosting a private match of an online donkey card game.

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You also have the option of playing offline in case you don’t have an internet connection. The Donkey Master game is designed for both smartphones and tablets. You also have the option of chatting with your friends while playing Donkey Master online games

The objective of Donkey Master online is the same as the Donkey Card Game as war game which is to empty your cards before everybody else. Every round consists of every player dealing 1 card of the same card suit symbolism. Also, the player who deals the card with the highest value in a round, starts the next round in the Donkey Master game. Here are a few Donkey Card Game tricks which you can use while playing Donkey Master online with your friends.

With super easy gameplay, the main objective in Donkey Master online is to finish your cards as much as possible. Also, always be on alert and try to memorize what cards your opponents have so that you don’t pass them a card which they need to win the game. You can also place bets in this online donkey card game. Make sure that you don’t bet on very high numbers unless you have a good chance of winning the donkey playing cards. You also have the option of chatting with your friends while you play Donkey card game online.

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All the above mentioned points are what makes this online representation of our childhood Donkey Card Game so special. The Donkey Master Card game came out in the year 2018 but the yearlong lockdown made this online Donkey Card Game very popular among people of all age groups. To enjoy this online version of the Donkey Card Game, all you need to do is visit the Play store and download the Donkey Masters Card Game and since it is just around 40 MB, you can easily download it with your mobile data.

Donkey Master Card Game vs Poker

The Donkey Card Game and poker game both are card games but are very different from each other and a fair comparison between both of these games is not possible. While the Donkey Card game is super simple and easy to play, Poker does require some mind simulation and poker math.

The main point of the Donkey Monkey card game is to finish your card and collect the objects before your opponent. On the other hand, the main objective in real money poker online is to win money by capturing the pot, which contains bets made by various players during the hand. A player wagers a bet in hopes that he has the best hand, or to give the impression that he holds a strong poker card rankings and thus, convince his opponents to fold (abandon) their hands

While the Donkey Card Game calls for some fun play, you can up the ante and thrill by tweaking your smart brains with a couple of mind blowing poker games, the choice of variant is yours to take! The former fun amazing game, Donkey Master online can be downloaded from the Play store, the other one can download poker right here on PokerBaazi!

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Donkey Card Game - FAQs

How do you play the Donkey Card Game?

The Donkey playing card game is played with a standard 52-card deck where the players have to match four of a kind and avoid being left with an object. Once a player has made four of a kind he can pick up any object which is kept in the middle, and on seeing this all the other players also have to pick up an object. The player who is left without any object is the loser in that round. You can also play it online by downloading the Donkey Master Card Game.

How many cards are there in the Donkey game?

According to the Donkey Card Game rules, the game is played with the standard 52 card deck. However, depending on the number of players in the game, the number of cards in play also differs. Each player gets 4 cards so if there are 6 players which is an ideal number, 24 cards are play in that game of the Donkey Monkey Card Game.

How do you play to not be a donkey?

The main objective of the Donkey Card Game is to get rid of your cards as soon as possible by making four of a kind and by picking up an object once the four of a kind is made. All the other players must be on alert because once somebody makes four of a kind and picks up an object, all the others also must pick up objects. The one who is left without any object loses the round and is the donkey. So, in order to not be a donkey in the Donkey Card Game, you need to make four of a kind and pick up objects.