Go Fish Card Game

Go Fish or Fish Card Game is a popular pass time for kids and adults! It focuses on sharpening memory and matching skills that also aids in better concentration level. Go Fish is a 2-5 players card game. This is a fast-paced card game online that lasts for about 5-15 minutes. You need a standard 52-Cards French deck to begin the gameplay.

How to play Go Fish Game? But, before plunging on that, let's identify the objective, set up and Go Fish rules so that you lure yourself and play Go Fish online with friends!

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The objective of Fish Card Game

Players need to focus on collecting as many ‘Books’ as possible to win the game! Book refers to the set of four cards with the same rank value. Go Fish Card Game rules are simple, and you need to win maximum books and beat your opponents in the game.

Set up of Go Fish Card Game

Thinking about how to play Go Fish Game? As per the Go Fish Card Game rules, the dealer shuffles the deck and the player to his right cuts the pile and puts it down. Now, the dealer distributes cards to the players with face down. If there are 2 players, each of them gets 7 cards, and if there are 3 players on the Go Fish Card Game online, they get 6 cards. In a four-player game, each one of them gets 5 cards.

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After the cards are dealt as per Go Fish rules, the remaining deck is stacked as a random pile on the game table. The leftover pile of disordered cards on the table are known as ‘Ocean’ or ‘Pool.’ Now, let's find out how to play Go Fish Card Game online and win ‘Books.’

How to Play Go Fish Game?

It is imperative to understand how to play Go Fish Game and Go Fish Card Game rules before playing it online with friends.

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  • Go Fish Card Game online starts when the felt to the left of the dealer ‘Fishes’ the next player for a specific hard. For example: ‘Do you have any Kings?’
  • If the felt has the asked specific card value, the other player must give all of that card value to the asker as per Go Fish rules.
  • Now, the asker will continue this process by demanding a different or same card value to other players on the table.
  • It is completely the questioner’s wish in the Fish Card Game to demand the same or different card's value from each of the players.
  • If any of the players do not possess the same card value, they say ‘Go Fish’ according to the Go Fish Card Game rules. After this, the questioner has to pick up the topmost card from the pool or ocean.
  • Once the asker goes ‘Go Fish,’ the next player to the left continues with the same gameplay and fish others for the cards.
  • The asker in the Fish Card Game needs to collect ‘Books’ or a group of same rank cards by demanding it from other players.
  • When you learn about how to play Go Fish Game, it is important to know about the power of ‘Books.’ In simplest terms, a book refers to 4 of a kind cards belonging to the same rank or value. i.e. 3h-3s-3c-3d.
  • After the players get a ‘Book’ in the Go Fish Card Game online; they can place 4 cards with the face-up as a pile in front of them. This helps other players to memorize the number of ‘books’ already made.
  • As the basic Go Fish rules suggest, the Fish Card Game ends once all 13 books are made. The player owning the maximum books wins the game
  • If the player runs out of cards while being in the Fish Card Game, they can pick one from the ocean on their turn and resume the game.
  • When no cards are left in the ocean, the player has to move out of the game, and the number of books they hold would eventually decide their position.

Go Fish Rules With Variations

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There are numerous Go Fish Card Game rules that players need to follow to maintain the table's decorum. But you can also adopt a variety of rules to modify the existing Go Fish Card Game online. After knowing how to play Go Fish Game, the next step is to learn Go Fish rules that could twist the usual Fish Card Game.

Common Variations for how to play Go Fish Game are:

  • Asker can get only one card from the next player in one round.
  • Books can be in the form of pairs instead of a 4-cards set of the same value.
  • If the asker does not get the card of their call and becomes ‘Go Fish,’ they have to pick another card from the ocean as per Go Fish rules. You can change the game by making the skip the next turn as well.
  • The player in a Fish Card Game can demand a specific card in place of a rank, asking for Ace of Hearts or 3’s of diamonds.
  • Another option to play Go Fish online is to try out its other variations and ask your friends to join common tables for ultimate fun.

Few players also prefer adding jokers to the Fish Card Game and consider its pairs as one ‘Book’. There are several variations and possibilities of how to play Go Fish Game. You can practice for basic Go Fish Card Game online and then, try its variations for additional entertainment. (Also Read- Poker Variation)

Popular variations in the Go Fish Card Game Online are:

  • Happy Families
  • Minuman
  • Educational Go Fish
  • Backstab Fish

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Strategy and Tips to Win Fish Card Game

  • 1On fishing, if the player draws any rank, you need to memorize it and remember for their next turn.
  • In variants where pairs are ‘Books,’ players need to focus on probabilities of card ranks that other players in the game hold.
  • Go Fish Card Game online follows an honor system, and making false claims about holding card ranks can lead to punishment in the game.
  • Maintaining secrecy and concealing the cards as per the Go Fish Card Game rules is imperative to hide them from other players.
  • Asking different players for the same card ranks helps identify the type of cards in each one’s hand.

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Once you go through the above slated basic guide on how to play Go Fish Game, it is possible to play Go Fish online with a friend and score great winnings. Hopefully, you know all about how to play Go Fish Game and basic Go Fish rules. (Also Check- Poker Rules) However, there are many other variations stated above to play Go Fish online! This helps in increasing the excitement level and tweaked Go Fish rules give it a fresh look.

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Go Fish Game - FAQs

Can you play Go Fish online?

Yes! You can play Go Fish Card Game online after taking a glance at Go Fish rules and understanding the memory and matching-based gameplay. If a Fish Card Game sounds good to you, also try poker game at PokerBaazi and win real money the safer way.

How to play Go Fish Game online?

The player who has a chance asks others for a specific card value to fish them and make ‘Books’ or a set of 4 same rank cards. If any player does not have the rank card asked, they say ‘Go Fish,’ and the chance passes on to the next poker players. The one with the maximum number of ‘Books’ wins the game.

How to play Go Fish Game on playing cards io?

While playing on fish cards io, there is a button to ask for cards. Hitting it once means the collection of cards from other players on the table (Also See- uno card game). You can hit the button again to intend other players for the collection of the same value cards.

How many cards do you start with for Go Fish?

For a 2-player game, the dealer gives 7 cards to each player, 6 cards for a 3-player game and 5-cards for a 4-player game as per how to play Go Fish Game rules. The remaining card game online are kept as a pile in the center known as ‘Ocean.’