Hearts Card Game

Learn Hearts Card Game Rules & Strategy Online

Hearts Card Game is all about losing points to win! It is a trick-avoidance game. ‘Black Lady’ and ‘Black Maria’ are the two most popular variations to play hearts online. This Hearts Card Game online game belongs to the Whist group of games that also includes Spades and Bridge card game. Players need to lose tricks and aim at lower scores to win the Hearts card game online.

Set Up for Game of Hearts Online

Free classic Hearts Game is normally played online amongst 4 players, but the number of players can vary. It is an individual game, and there are no partnerships involved. A standard 52-Cards Deck is utilized to play Hearts Card Game. Each card value from every suit ranks from Ace as highest to two as the lowest card. The Game of hearts online does not have any trump suit. When you play Hearts Card Game, each heart gives you 1 penalty point while the Queen of spades can give 13 penalty points. All other cards in the real money games have no value.

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The Objective of Hearts Card Game Online

Players need to avoid scoring points to reach the winning streak. The game ends when any player scores more than 100 points. Here, the winner is the player who scores the lowest score of all.

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The Deal in Hearts Card Game

The dealer dealt 13 cards to all players, each one at a time. All cards are passed with the face-down to all players. Once all the cards are distributed, you can play hearts online.

  • 1st Hand- The dealer passes 3 cards in a face-down position to the player at the left.
  • 2nd Hand- In the second hand of Hearts card Game online, the player to the left of the dealer passes three cards to the next player at their right, and the cycle moves on.
  • 3rd Hand- In the third hand of Hearts Card Game online, each player passes three cards to the player sitting in the opposite direction.
  • 4th Hand- In the fourth hand of Hearts Card Game online, no cards are passed by any of the players.

The same cycle of deals keeps repeating until this kind of tash game online ends.

Hearts Card Game Rules

So, when you learn about how to play Hearts Card Game, it is vital to check out the Hearts Card Game rules.

  • When play hearts online, each player receives 13 cards, and the number of cards decreases when the player count increases.
  • The Game of hearts online begins with passing a set of 3 worst cards to the following opponent. It’s like discarding your worst cards that might get you penalty points.
  • On each hand, the above-stated sequence of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand is followed to pass on the 3 worst cards to opponent players.
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  • In free Hearts Game online, the player holding 2 clubs takes the lead for first hand.
  • At the start of each turn, the player lays down one card in a face-up position known as ‘Leading’. The suit of that card determines the trick suit as well. The following players need to follow that suit.
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  • If players do not have the same suit, they can lay down any of the other cards in their hand.
  • After all 4 cards are played in the Hearts Card Game online, the player having the highest rank wins the trick. Then he/she needs to pick those 4 cards and begin with the next turn.
  • If the cards contain any hearts or the Queen of spades, they are subject to the penalty scores. There are instances like ‘shooting the moon’ in Hearts Card Game online where the player wins with hearts and spades. It is explained below in detail!
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  • Player in free classic Hearts Game cannot lead the trick until they lay off hearts or break the existing suit. If it’s your turn and no hearts are played till now, you cannot begin with laying off the hearts to play.
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  • Some variations of the Hearts Card Game online do not allow laying off Queen of spades until the hearts are broken, while in some, it is allowed if it does not break hearts.
  • During the first round, you cannot play Queen of spades or hearts despite not having the suit relevant to the starting card. It is amongst the basic Hearts Card Game rules.
  • Once all cards are played in a game of hearts online, scoring of penalty points begins, and the player scoring minimum points wins the hands.
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  • The player who first hits the 100 points score finishes the game when you play hearts online. And the player with the least point is declared as the winner.
  • If there is more than one player in the free classic Hearts Game who reaches the 100 points mark, the couple of rounds continue until there is a clear winner.

Shooting the Moon

It is an important term to know when play hearts online. When you play Hearts Card Game, the penalty cards are disadvantageous in most situations. However, ‘Shooting the Moon’ is a scenario where you hold all penalty cards. It means one player has all 13 hearts from the deck and Queen of Spades.

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This combination in free Hearts Game online gives a zero score to the specific player while all other players can get 26 points. Unless you know all about how to play Hearts Card Game, this can be a risky situation. Even if a single heart is left with any other player in the free online games , you can get a bulk of points.

Scoring in Hearts Card Game Online

  • Each player in the free classic Hearts Game get penalty points for the hearts won in each trick.
  • As per the Hearts Card Game rules, every heart gets you 1 penalty point, and the Queen of spades gives 13 penalty points.
  • These cards can lose you the game of hearts online unless you have a ‘shooting the moon’ or ‘Slam’ combination.
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  • Lucky players who get ‘shooting the moon’ can lead by giving 26 points to all other players.
  • The moment any player reaches 100 points, the game is finished. The lowest scoring player wins the free Hearts Card Game online!

Strategy to Play Hearts Online

Following the right strategies on how to play Hearts Card Game can help you to fetch the lowest scores.

Leading Hearts Early

After evaluating the hand in a game of hearts online, the player must decide if they wish to try or pass on the hearts to other players. You can attempt to get them all for ‘Shooting the moon’, but it could be a risky stake. The basic card game rules say that laying low hearts is a good choice but plan to hold until you are clear about the number of hearts with other players. Few final tricks of Hearts Card Game online can be game-changing, and you need to ditch the hearts earlier for avoiding the risk.

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Another strategy for how to play Hearts Card Game is a Void. It’s a scenario when the player does not have any card from a specific suit. This can be advantageous as it prevents the player from winning points from that suit. It also helps in the shedding of poor cards. Applying a smart passing strategy can increase the chances of Void.

Top Variants to Play Hearts Online

Apart from the free classic Hearts Game, there are many other variants in the game of hearts online. Let’s take a glance at them.

Auction Hearts

It is a four-player variant to play hearts online. A unique feature of this variant is the players might bid in the sequence to make a declaration for the penalty suit. The first-hand start by bidding on a specific number of chips that the player is willing to pay as a privilege for naming a suit.

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The following players may pass or set a higher bid in a game of hearts online. The dealer bids in the last position. There is just one round of bids, and the player winning the auction adds the bid to the pool and begins with the first trick.


Blackjack and Black Jack are entirely different! Black Jack is the most popular variant to play hearts online. So, how to play Hearts Card Game, blackjack? This variation adopts the concept of discarding hearts. Players need to pass or exchange hearts in the same manner, but J♠ is a penalty card. It is worth 10 Hearts or Point. And the black lady or Q♠ holds 13 points in the game. All remaining rules in the free classic Hearts Game stay the same.

Black Lady

Also known as ‘Discard Heart’, Black lady is a popular variant of free Hearts Game online since 1090. When you play hearts online, Black Lady frequently appears as the top option to play. The Hearts Card Game rules and those of Black Lady are almost the same. The Black Lady or the Q♠ is a penalty card that gives 13 points. Later on, this variant of the free classic Hearts Game developed an elaboration such as ‘Shooting the moon’ and passing of cards in various directions for each deal. The above-stated information on how to play Hearts Card Game is based on this variation primarily.

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Black Maria

A British variant to play hearts online is the Black Maria. It is a riskier version with the introduction of more penalty cards in the game of hearts online. The A♠ gives a penalty of 10 points, K♠ gives the penalty of 7 points, and the Black Maria Q♠ gives the penalty of 13 points. Also, unlike in most card games, the turn passes on from right to the players. It’s a challenging variant to free Hearts Game online as the chances of penalty cards are higher. ‘Shooting the moon’ is • Omnibus Heartsan optional rule in this game.

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Other Variants to Play Hearts Online are:

  • Cancellation Hearts
  • Domino Hearts
  • Joker Hearts
  • Partnership Hearts
  • Spot Hearts
  • Omnibus Hearts

When you play hearts online, it is important to apply your memory skills as it involves a lot of passing of cards. With good concentration levels, you can cut down your scores and win the game. If you wish to sharpen your intuitive and logical skills, check out the free classic Hearts Game and lose tricks to win the game.

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Hearts Game FAQs

How do you play free Hearts Game online?

To play hearts online, 4 players play with a standard 52-card deck with High as Aces and 2’s as lowest ones. All hearts in the game give 1 penalty point, and Queen of spades gives 13 penalty points. The free classic Hearts best card game like bluff finishes when someone reaches 100 points, and the one with the lowest score wins the game.

How much is the Queen of spades worth in Hearts Card Game?3

13 Penalty Points. In a game of hearts free online games, the Queen of spades is an unlucky card as it shoots up your score with 13 penalty points. Players need to avoid this card.

Is the Queen of spades the highest card in Hearts Card Game online?

When each hand ends, the count of total hearts and Queen of spades is applicable for scoring. Q♠ is the highest card with 13 points that could make you lose the game of hearts multiplayer online games .