Keno Game

Among the many types of online games available, one of the most popular options is the Keno game. A lot of people play Keno online for fun or to win money. This game type is very simple to understand. Players learning how to play Keno can do so easily. There are particular types available and each has specific keno game rules. The rules of the land-based platforms are not different from keno online casinos and other gaming sites. For players, learning the Keno game rules firsthand is important to plan a suitable keno game strategy.

What is Keno?

Keno is a fun game where people use their intuition to win money. The name is derived from “quine”, a French word for “five winning numbers” or Latin “quini” for “five each”. The numbers in the keno game that players wager range from 1 to 80 on the cards. Here, after the game players place their stake on their chosen cards, the software or machine draws approximately 20 numbers maximum. When you play this game online, you would not notice a random card selection process. Typically, there is a random number generating software for keno casino games online.

Types of Keno Games

There are many types of keno games available for players to choose from as per preference. You can choose one of the following options to play:

  • Power Keno:- The Keno online casino game originated in Australia. The Keno game rules of this version are not different from the standard rules of how to play keno casino games. Here, there is the option of earning four times the winnings of regular payout. This only applies if your chosen number gets a hit from the 20th ball when you play keno online
  • Way Keno:- Whether you play this cash game or offline with this keno game strategy, you would get the chance to select different groups of numbers. Players using any keno game strategy for this version have a higher likelihood of success with the payouts.
  • Video Keno:- This Keno online casino version is a good choice for beginners and experienced keno players alike. There are multiple platforms available. The keno game variety looks similar to slot machine games. In terms of how to play keno online in the video version, you can operate this game solo.

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Different Keno Game Bets

The main types of wagers acceptable in a Keno game online or offline are mentioned hereafter.

Straight Bets:-
This is the most popular version of this game with the typical keno game rules. In a keno game online, you can select approximately 15 numbers to wager for a straight bet.

Split Bets:-
When you play this game offline or online, you can wager on two or more groups of numbers. During this game, players treat them individually all in one game.

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Way Bets:-
Here, you can choose a set of different numbers when you play this game type online. Later, use the keno game strategy for dividing the set of numbers into equal “ways” or subsections. In terms of how to play keno online, make sure that all the numbers appear once during your wager. Repetitions among the numbers are not accepted as per keno game rules.

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Combination ticket:- In the context of how to play keno casino games and win, the Combo Bet wager is effective. Here, you can choose to play this card game online with multiple sets of numbers together while using one ticket.

King Ticket:-This wager type in the keno casino gameplay follows the same keno game rules as a Split Bet. However, in each of the sets of numbers, one selected number should appear when you play keno online. E.g., the King card of any suit type.

How to Play Keno Casino Games?

To note, both the keno casino game and online versions are easy to play and interesting. Compared to other intuition-based games, players learn how to play keno online easily. When you play this game online, as per the keno game rules, you can select many numbers. In the context of how to play keno casino games, the keno game rules are similar for all these game types.

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The steps for how to play keno casino game are:

  • Select the 'spots' or numbers to place your wager on. Typically, keno online casino platforms allow 1-10 spots to select from, but some offer more.
  • All the drawn numbers in the keno online casino game would appear on the screen when you play this online.
  • In terms of how to play keno online, you may notice the cold and hot keno-centric numbers appear on the screen. The hot numbers represent ones that have come up many times. On the other hand, the cold numbers in the keno casino game indicate numbers that rarely appear.
  • Pick a range of numbers from between 1-80 when you play this online. Players can select based on the number of spots they want to match.
  • Set a select amount for the wager with the minimum stake as per the keno online casino or platform rules.
  • The software draws a selected number of any player in the keno online casino game. This is called a ‘catch’ or a ‘match’.
  • The matched numbers appear in a highlighted format when you play keno online.

Keno Game rules

In the context of how to play Keno casino game, the main rules are:

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  • The virtual machine named “hopper” draws 20 out of 80 numbers at random, as per Keno game rules.
  • You can choose many sets of numbers while you play keno online. Typically, most players pick between 1 to 15 numbers.
  • The payout is calculated based on the numbers you wagered and the matched draws.

Benefits of Playing Keno Game Online

The advantages of keno online casino gameplay that you would notice over the offline game version are:

  • You can expect higher payouts
  • When you play this, you can select cards slowly
  • You can opt for progressive jackpot gameplay during this game
  • Players new to how to play keno casino game can play the game online to improve their skills
  • You can play Keno online games from different your smartphone anywhere on the go.

Strategies to Play and Win at Keno

With the Keno game rules in mind, you can select a Keno game strategy for a higher payout boost. The following are some tips to adopt to play Keno online:

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  • Select a digital service provider that offers high payout options and tournament deals.
  • Research the platform(s) ahead of time to choose a reliable tournament or game organizer.
  • Learn the Keno game rules well.
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  • Choose between numbers 4 and 8 to wager your amount while you play Keno online.
  • Select cold numbers or consecutive numbers in this game. These have a higher likelihood of bringing a profitable payout.
  • At the beginner level mostly, it is better not to opt for the riskier wagers. You should understand the types of available keno-centric bets first and choose one suitable for you.
  • Practice with different keno gaming types to familiarize yourself with the game style/strategies/steps.

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Keno Game FAQs

How do you play Keno at the casino?

The steps for playing a Keno game at a casino are similar to the online variation. However, instead of a software-based number generator, this casino-centric game utilizes slot machines.

How do you play keno slots and win?

You should properly grasp the basic keno game rules before continuing with how to play keno casino game. The keno game strategy for winning bigger payouts is not complex. Those, it is advisable to practice at free keno online casino options first. After getting a clearer idea, you can play this online with real money games

Can I play keno online for real money?

Yet, players have the opportunity to play keno online and gain high amounts afterward. There are multiple gaming platform available for free keno online casino games. However, it is important for you to properly evaluate the options available and research the reliability of these platforms. Then, register securely, link your account as per platform rules and play keno online for real money. There are some online gaming options available for free game practice as well.