Kings Corner Game

Kings Corner Game - Rules, Variations and Gameplay

Kings in the Corner is a globally popular card game that is interactive and requires tactical gameplay. Its edgy Kings Corner game rules and shedding strategy is a great way to release stress. Kings in the Corner aim at shedding cards onto 8 piles, amongst which 4 are King’s corners. Players have to shed red and black alternate cards in a descending sequence. Once you know Kings Corner solitaire basics, it is easy to win by losing your cards at the earliest.

The Set up for Kings in the Corner

2-6 Players can be a part of Kings in the Corner variations. For 4 players, a standard 52-Card Deck of cards is required. In the Kings Corner game, the card rankings follow from (King high) K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-A (ace low).

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The Objective of Kings in the Corner

While playing Kings Corner game, the main aim is to shed all your cards in the descending sequence order with an alternate suit of it. Ace is the lowest card here, unlike in most other card games. One who loses all cards first is the winner as per Kings in the Corner rules.

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Deal For Kings in the Corner

The dealer distributes 6-7 cards to each player clockwise after shuffling the standard deck. The remaining cards are kept in a face-down position on the centre of the table to create a stack in Kings Corner solitaire game. The four cards are flipped from the centre pile to place in North, East, South and West direction for creating 4 foundation piles in the Kings Corner game.

How to Play Kings in the Corner?

  • Starting from the dealer's left, players start with their turn and can pile up any number of cards from their hands in Kings Corner solitaire.
  • Next step of Kings in the Corner variations is to play hands by putting cards in a lower card value sequence and opposite colour. For example, if the top card on the pile is 8h, then the player can put 7s
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  • The cards in Kings Corner game are kept slightly overlapped over each other so that players can identify the sequence. All the single Kings cards are kept at the four empty corners of the table.
  • Players can create a pile at the corners starting with Kings and then followed by the opposite colour of Queen, Jack, Tens, etc.
  • Kings in the Corner strategy lays down as many cards as possible in the descending sequence over the centre piles.
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  • An important Kings in the Corner rules suggest that it is important to move the entire bottom foundation pile if you want to arrange any of the cards in another foundation pile. For example, a pile of 4S and 3H can be arranged over 5H, 6S, 7C.
  • All the players on the table of Kings in the Corner can empty their hands to N, E, S, W Foundation piles at each turn.
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  • If any of the foundation piles in Kings Corner solitaire move to the next pile and become empty, the player can begin by drawing one card from the centre pile again.
  • Once the player lays down all their cards, the play ceases. While learning about how to play Kings in the Corner, you should draw cards only if you cannot continue with any of the foundation piles lower sequences.
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  • While drawing cards to the foundation piles, if a King is dealt; then it has to be moved at the corner position as per the Kings Corner card game rules.
  • If the centre stack runs out in Kings in the Corner, the play would continue without drawing cards as per the Kings Corner card game rules.
  • Kings in the Corner variations end when any player loses all the cards, or the stock runs out, and you cannot play any other cards as per Kings in the Corner rules.

Scoring Rules - Kings in the Corner!

After knowing how to play Kings in the Corner, it is important to know its scoring system. Each of the Kings score 10 penalty points, while 1 penalty point is for all other cards. All these points depend on the Kings in the Corner variations you are playing for. The normal range of the highest score as per Kings in the Corner is from 25-50.

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Kings in the Corner Variations Rules

While the base play of the Kings Corner game remains the same, there are deviations in scoring mainly.

  • Some players tweak the Kings Corner card game rules and allow any opposite suit to follow in descending sequence instead of only red and black.
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  • Few players also count the value of aces as 25 penalty points and picture cards with 10 penalty points while other cards at their face value. Thus, in such Kings in the Corner variations, the scoring might vary from 100-250.
  • In some Kings in the Corner, the players fix the number of hands after which the player with the lowest score wins the Kings Corner game.(also read-money earning app)
  • Few people also play for real money with a prize pool evenly distributed amongst last players with 1 card or the set Kings in the Corner strategy.
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Kings in the Corner is an interesting online gaming choice that tests your analytical skills and brain spontaneity. Right sequencing and shedding cards with smart Kings in the Corner game strategy can make you ace the game. Check out this immersive solitaire style card game online but with multiple players. Quick rounds and clean Kings in the Corner format makes it a perfect option for leisure weekend times!

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Kings Corner Game FAQs

Can you play Kings in the Corner online?

Kings Corner game is a multi-player game played in solitaire style with a standard deck of 52-Cards. Players can check out free online tutorials and then enjoy the interactive Kings Corner game with friends for free!

How to play Kings in the Corner online?

You can play any of the Kings in the Corner variations by dragging cards from your hands into the foundation piles. If you are fanatic about the Kings Corner game, try Texas Hold’em and omaha poker games at PokerBaazi to win real money.

How do you play Kings Corner game with 2 players?

Kings Corner Solitaire is based on shedding of cards onto foundation piles, and players can easily find it online. 2 players can also play this card game online but may include additional Kings in the Corner rules to extend time limits.

What are the rules for Kings in the Corner?

The basic Kings Corner card game rules are laying off cards from hand to the 4 piles kept in face-up position at the 4 sides of the stockpile. Thus, kings are at the corners forming new piles below, then, in lower rank sequence with opposite suits.