Live Poker

Everything You Must Know About Live Poker Tournaments

Poker has become extremely popular among people worldwide. Casinos are filled with brilliant minds that handle cards like magic. They are so thorough in their understanding that it becomes impossible to beat them. Poker is actually assumed to be 1000 years old, and its descendants lie in China. In 1803, the game transformed from Poque to Poker, and the rest was history. The game can be played online and live, where you either register yourself on an online poker app or visit your nearest casino.

But, there is a third way too.

Multiple applications now offer free live online poker games, which means you can now play with people on a real-time basis and increase your chances of winning the game.

Like Stones live poker, they telecast live poker matches on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. You can easily register yourself in the game and play live poker tournaments. Live poker is very different from online poker, not in terms of rules but the tactics in which you should play the game.

Here we have mentioned the different types of live poker games you can play when you next visit the casino. Beginners will also find some solid tips to apply on how to play poker while playing live poker games.

Types of Live Poker Games that You Must Play While Starting Out

  1. Texas Hold’em Poker

    Texas Hold’em is significantly more popular than other live poker games. It can easily be grasped by beginners and offers good money. You get two cards face down and a pile of 5 cards placed on the table. The players have to use the five cards to make the highest-ranked hand. You will indeed find Texas Holdem Poker in all live poker tournaments.

  2. Omaha Hi

    It is played just like Texas Hold’em, but the players are offered 4-hole cards instead of two. They still have to make the highest-ranking or poker hand combination using the five community cards provided to them at the start. However, here in the Omaha High live poker game, players must have at least two hole cards and the rest from the community card pile.

  3. Seven-Cards Stud

    When played from scratch, each player receives a minimum of three cards. In this, two cards will be face down and one open. The player with the lowest hand ranking has to raise the bet, and the game continues. Seven-cards stud live poker tournament wraps up in seven rounds, and the winner with the highest ranking wins the bet.

  4. Five-Cards Draw

    Five-cards draw is the simplest live poker tournament, which can be easily understood and played even by a beginner. Here, the players are rewarded with five cards at the start. After the primary distribution of cards, the betting round starts. The players can also draw a maximum of five cards to replace the previous deck.

  5. Razz

    Razz is very different from all live poker games. Its game format is just opposite to the ones mentioned above. The players here have to fight to get the lowest ranking hand rather than the highest. You will be offered three cards, in which two will be face down and the latter face up. There will be seven rounds to determine who has the lowest hand, and the person will then win the Razz poker tournament.

How to Play Live Poker - Tips to Play Live Poker

  1. Practice, Practice, and Practice

    As beginners, it’s crucial that you extensively practice live poker games. Many people feel that poker is just about luck and the cards you receive in the initial stages. We do not wholly disagree with both of them. However, a player with no game knowledge can destroy the best deck of cards. So, you need to ensure that you frequently play free live poker online, gather the poker skills and slowly-steadily up your game.

  2. Understand the Poker Game Rules

    Every game you play in live casino poker tournaments has a set of defined poker rules that you must know before entering the competition. Make a list of rules that every live poker variant follows and excel in each of the segments.

  3. Start With Basics

    As beginners, you can start by playing the basic level matches in live poker tournaments. This will improve your confidence and integrate your interest to play further. These live poker rooms of best online poker sites will have low bids and shorter match duration, but will surely help you win significant amounts in the future.

  4. Keep up-Skilling

    Poker is one of the most lucrative card games worldwide. And, you can definitely make a good living out of it. However, live poker card games are unpredictable, and can anytime go downhill. You can combat this by continuously up-skilling yourself and learning new poker tips tactics. The more you know, the least you fail.

How Can Online Live Poker Games Help You Win Big Amounts

  1. Online Games are Played for Lesser Money Than Live Poker

    There is a term called “Impulsive buying,” where you purchase items by seeing others or being influenced by the glamour. Both these pointers are valid in the case of live poker games. Here, the players raise high bets just to look superior on the table. This results in a larger winning amount than any online game of poker.

  2. Live Players are Less Tech-Savvy

    If you plan to play in online poker tournaments, the platform will offer you multiple advanced-level resources that help analyze your competitors’ levels. However, in a live poker room, players are static and do not wish to evolve. You can take that step and start using online resources to understand the live casino poker cash games in more debt.

  3. Everyone Cannot Play Live Poker Games

    Most people treat poker as a part-time passion and play it whenever they are free or bored. Live poker games need you to hit live poker rooms. Conversely, online poker real money games give you convenience and flexibility and lets you play more hands per hour. In live poker tournaments, you cannot pause a game and resume when you have time; hence removing excess competition.

Live Poker - FAQs

While live casino poker rooms are there, live poker can now be played both physically and virtually on multiple platforms. You just have to sign up and register yourself on the portal and then start playing with genuine people. One such platform can be PokerBaazi, which offers multiple live poker tournaments that you can participate in to win real cash.

Yes! Poker live is less complicated than the online one. Live poker offers a good mixture of good and bad players, and many noobs hit the casinos to win big overnight without knowing the game well, hence, increasing your chances of winning the game. Also, online poker is usually a mix of good and bad players as everyone prefers free live online poker games these days. So, you can play live poker tournaments and earn big pots even as beginners.

Poker is a mind-based game that requires practice, consistency, and dedication. So, if you master any sport, it will eventually feed you money. With live poker, you can play both online or at casinos to win significant amounts regularly. Many people worldwide are playing poker and generating a full-time income.

Poker is undoubtedly a mind-boggling game that is played by millions of users. Live poker games allow you to play matches in real-time and give you a vast opportunity to win high amounts.

If you are looking for a secure free live poker online platform, PokerBaazi can be your ultimate option. Here, you can play live poker without physically visiting a casino. You can also download our PokerBaazi app on either of your Android and Apple phone or directly visit our website to get more info on the live poker games.