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Best Money Earning Apps in India to Play Online Games

Today, no matter you're at work, munching during lunch break or simply sitting bored clueless wondering how to make your free time count, real money earning games can be a stellar activity that can rack your brains. So, what if we tell you that you can earn money by playing games on android phones or on your iPhone?

That’s because online money earning apps have grabbed immense attention in the last few years due to its huge money making opportunities. These money earning gaming apps allow us to earn money by making us less guilty when we waste our time playing card games online.

In times of uncertainty, where job security is rampant, a side hustle is not a bad choice. Although money making apps cannot be categorized under full-time jobs, these platforms launch different gaming tournaments like Poker and Rummy that can be won to earn high-end rewards.

Here, we will give you a glimpse of how you can earn some extra cash through these money earning apps without much investment and the kind of games you can play on such gaming platforms like PokerBaazi as Indian Poker.

Top Money Earning Apps In India - 2022

S No Money Earning Apps
1 PokerBaazi - Online Poker App
2 CardBaazi - Real Money Card Games App
3 BalleBaazi - Fantasy Cricket App
4 BaaziMobileGaming - Online Mobile Gaming App

How Online Money Earning Apps Work?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. All sections of society, including the lower and middle class, now have access to the internet and smartphone, using which you can download these money earning gaming apps like online poker and start playing. Such platforms are best for retired persons, college students, house-makers or any other person looking to earn money in their spare time.

Many people are still in doubt whether these online money earning game apps are real or fake or a way to make cash through these platforms. The answer is Yes!

These real money earning apps in India like live poker are designed to encourage users to earn money surfing their interface. Many applications have launched various programs that dedicatedly work to generate extra income through referrals, reward schemes, cash backs, gaming tournaments, and many more.

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To grab these offers, you need to do tasks assigned by the application. You can call your friends and relatives to download the application and log in using your code for referrals. Gaming applications majorly launch various tournaments that align with the player's level. Winning such competitions will give you big rewards and encourage you to play further. Credible money making apps also have a safe withdrawal policy to help you take out money hassle-free.

Features of Top Real Money Making Apps

  1. Great User Interface

    Top money earning apps offer an excellent user interface to their users. The developers make sure the platform is easy to use, and the users can navigate the application smoothly. Before settling down to any free money making app, make sure to use all its functionalities and save your time spending on a platform that does not work.

  2. Responsible Gaming

    While playing money-oriented games, you must ensure that the platform follows a responsible gaming policy. This is done to help users avoid getting addicted to the forum and those who wish to set parameters. Using top money earning gaming apps will allow you to set deposit limits, time breaks, and even game restrictions for suitable periods.

  3. Simple Withdrawal Policy

    When installing a money making app, you must go through its withdrawal policy to understand if you are comfortable with the mentioned procedures. An appropriate example to check the authenticity of the money making app is to identify the key factors to pour in and take out money.
    Make sure to double-check if you find anything suspicious. You can also read user reviews of the money earning game before spending your time and energy on the platform like the best poker site.

  4. Multiple Tournaments

    Various money earning apps work without investment, which means you don't have to invest a single penny in participating in different money-oriented activities. These platforms organize various gaming tournaments, which offer a lucrative monetary reward that encourages users to keep using the app.

  5. Play Anytime

    If you are looking to play games like Poker, Rummy, or Teen Patti, free money making apps can be your ultimate choice without physically visiting a casino. This platform gives you the exact feeling of playing your favorite games but at home. For instance, many real money poker apps organize daily tournaments to help people earn extra cash without much investment.

Money Making Games You Must Play Online


Ludo is an iconic money earning online game that became widely popular during the pandemic. It is extremely easy to learn, and we all have been playing Ludo for decades. Top money earning apps have introduced Ludo to encourage beginners to try their skills and earn real money.

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Once you sign up on the application, you can purchase game chips to be eligible to choose a table for yourself. You can then compete with the opponent to win the game. The winner of the online game will be provided winning points which can be redeemed into real cash. Pro players can also go for multi-table tournaments to earn more money.

Poker is accepted worldwide. It's the perfect game that aims to balance poker skill and fate. While poker clubs and casinos have been the preferred destination pre-pandemic, reaching out to gaming parlors is not feasible for everyone in these times; thus, a real money poker online app will do the needful.

Apps like ours follow a secure channel to help people efficiently conduct all monetary transactions in the game. If you are looking for a reliable and secure real money poker app, visit and download our app, PokerBaazi and start your run with free entry tournaments. PokerBaazi is one of the top money earning apps without investment or minimum investment because our free games of poker offer you opportunities to play cash games without spending a penny from your pocket.


Rummy is fun, which asks players to match their cards with others having the same or sequence of the same suit. After Poker, Rummy is also widely played in casinos and various parties. To relive the game and earn some extra money, you can download a rummy money making app for Android and Apple. These applications are mostly free, and you can play both free and paid rummy games.

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Like other money earning apps, online rummy apps too are designed to encourage users to play their favorite card game and earn real money. There are various rummy tournaments that you can play in such money earning game apps to show your card-matching skills to all your opponents. These games can fetch you good money, which can be redeemed or used by the player in future matches.


Carrom is widely played in the country and most real money earning apps in India understand its popularity. As beginners, you can choose a platform that offers sign-up bonuses that will help you play entry-level tournaments without any investment. Real cash games of carrom provide a ladder to move upward in your skill level and play games with higher payouts. It is a good idea to play free online games of carrom before you hit the cash mode.

3 Patti

Teen Patti is another card game online that asks the player to get the highest-ranking hand using only three cards. It is a super-fun game where you have to balance betting and strategizing. There are various 3 Patti money earning games online that you can download to experience this fantastic game.
In such games, the tournaments are both live and online, which means you can play with people in real-time or register yourself in daily contests to earn money. When you play 3 Patti cash games on top money earning apps, you can win grand rewards if you master your 3 Patti skills well. Also, double-check the app before investing any amount in these online games.

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Fantasy Sports

We all love to arrange our favorite players into a team and think about what will happen if they were on the ground. These Fantasy sports will help you relive your biggest dream into reality. Here, you can bring together your best team and fight against its opponents, aiming to win the tournament. Fantasy sports is now a billion-dollar industry, where you can make good money investing your time and intelligence.

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You can earn money by downloading Fantasy sports apps that are user-friendly with a simple withdrawal policy. Such online real money making gaming apps launch daily tournaments and contests of your favorite leagues, where you can win by forming your own fantasy teams through your knowledge and expertise on the sport and earn real money

Pool Game

Pool games are fun, played on a table with six pockets, where players have to hit the ball in these pocket holes. Top money making apps that offer pool games promote various tournaments, including bank pool, ten-ball, nine-ball, blackball, or eight-ball. These cash games can be played with or without money; as beginners, you can first practice these games on the free portal, which runs on low prize money.

However, as you move up the ladder, you can go for games which require chips that can be used to play tourneys with higher guarantees. You can further redeem the points for real cash.

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City Cricket

City cricket is a beginner-level game that anyone can play on their smartphone. Here, you have to show your batting skills and score more runs. If you are not comfortable with high-level games with extreme competition, then city cricket can be your ultimate choice. You must go for a platform that prioritizes user experience and offers a fabulous gaming experience.

Top money making games organize daily tournaments that you can play to win extra cash. These money making platforms also allow users to invite their friends and play with them to win city cricket games cumulatively.

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Fantasy Picks

It's a perfect substitute for Fantasy cricket; the only difference here is selecting the players for cricket, football, and baseball tournaments. If these players perform well in these games, you get extra points. We believe that these prediction skills are rare to find, and monetizing these skills through money making game apps can be extremely useful.
These online games are super fun to play, and you will find many fantasy picks for mobile apps on both Android and Apple app stores. You can start by playing free tournaments and further improving your prediction skills by going for cash games to give you high rewards.

Falling Through

Falling through is another entry-level game, where the player has to balance an object and save it from falling. Almost everyone loves this game, and it's the easiest money making app. The tournaments are divided into multiple levels to maintain curiosity in the game. Before investing your money, check if the platform is authentic and follow guidelines that match their offering.
You can easily create your user account by following a simple KYC. Further, attach your bank account credentials with the application to ensure the safe flow of money.

Money Earning Apps- FAQs

There are many authentic applications that you can choose to earn real money, like PokerBaazi, BalleBaazi, CardBaazi. All of them are top money earning gaming apps in their niche and fall under the umbrella of the parent company, Baazi Games. Players can access a variety of money earning games like poker, rummy, fantasy sports and enjoy safe and seamless gaming and secure online deposits and withdrawals.

It depends on the kind of games you prefer to play. However, if we rate user experience, profitability and collection of games, PokerBaazi happens to be one of the leading platforms in India with the best assortment of skill based card games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, OFC Poker and a variety of tournaments, formats and across stakes.

Earning money online is a reality and the best and most entertaining way to do so is by playing skill based card games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker and OFC Poker. You can pick games as per your skill level and bankroll and always find opportunities to earn real money.

Nothing comes for free. However, one legit way to earn money with your skills is by playing poker on the PokerBaazi app. Free entry tournaments on PokerBaazi lets you win bonus chips if you perform well. Players can use these bonus chips to sit at the cash tables for free and earn real money if you play well.