Money Earning Games

Competitive gaming as a profession has become so popular that different types of money earning games have made their way into the daily lives of common people. Most people play real money earning games as a pastime for some extra bit of income but there are many who have been spending increasing amounts of time with such online earning games, so that it has, in many ways, become a form of professional income. Such is the nature of money earning games that it is suitable for most people above the ages of 18 years.

List of Top Real Money Earning Games in India

Among the wide range of online earning games in online money maker gaming sites that allow winners to earn a significant amount of real cash, poker game has been long hailed as one of the most exciting and nerve-tingling card games. Even before the dawn of these online money earning games, Poker had been played in its offline form since as long back as the 19th century. With modern-day casinos, the trend of Poker played as real cash earning games caught on rapidly, and it is now here to stay in India.

Poker Money Earning Game

This is one of the most heavily played online real cash earning games in India wherein the gameplay consists of betting rounds. Numerous players can play at a poker table, and they can either call, check, raise or fold during the betting rounds depending on the strength of the cards in their hands. This makes poker one of the top 10 money earning games in India.
online poker is One of the top high paying card games, Poker has been immortalized by the casino trend. In online variations of this game, it is played with numerous players often involving high stakes. real cash game like poker are generally focused on the principle of winner takes all. Therefore, to earn money by playing games online like the ones offered at PokerBaazi have become quite a highly rewarding experience for regular poker players online.

Here are some popular poker variants-

1- Texas Holdem Poker

In this variant of poker money earning games, players are given 2 cards each (hole cards), and they have to begin betting through the different poker rounds like the pre-flop round, the flop round, the turn round and the river round. These rounds give chances to players to place bets so that they can play and earn money easily by winning the pot amount. The players have to make poker winning hands with their hole cards and the cards displayed on the table (community cards). The player with the strongest poker hand wins the pooled betting amount on the table as per the rules of real money earning games like texas holdem poker.

2- Omaha Poker

In Omaha Poker, players can easily play games and earn money. In this variant of poker, players are given 4 cards each (hole cards), and the betting rounds proceed similar to Texas Holdem Poker. While in Texas Holdem, players have to choose their two hole cards and club them with 3 community cards to make a strong poker hand, in omaha poker cash earning games, players have to use at least 2 of their hole cards from their four hole cards to do the same. Therefore, the chances of making a strong poker hand are much higher in Omaha Poker, which is why it happens to be one of the best earning games.

3- OFC Poker

OFC poker is yet another thrilling variant that’s catching up in the real money earning games segment. The rules of ofc tutorial (Open Face Chinese Poker)are far more complex than Texas Holdem and Omaha Poker. OFC poker online money earning games is a points based game and consists of players each being dealt five cards to start with, and this hand of cards increases to 13 in number. To play and earn money in OFC Poker, players need to gather more points than their opponents as well as have more hands or take royalties on premium hands without having a foul.

Play Card Games and Earn Real Money Without Investment in India

To put an end to the confusion of many users who often come up with questions like ‘which money earning games can I play on PokerBaazi?’, we explain to you which games are the most rewarding along with why you don’t need to make any investments for it. Some of the best money earning games that you can play on PokerBaazi are cash poker tournaments. This is because these tournaments and online money making games do not involve any type of long-term investment but are designed to allow poker players to bet quick money and back larger amounts of quick money.
When you want to earn money playing games online, you often look for games that offer quick earnings and quick withdrawals. PokerBaazi tournaments are of two main types where you can play online games and earn money without having to invest any large amount of money.

  • Baazi Grinder Series:- These are 7-day long tournament series with several tournaments being played one after another. Grinder Series Tournaments allow poker players to play without any type of investment. You can play these cash earning games and earn money through games quickly unlike in other games where you have to invest a particular amount to get assured winnings. These types of tournaments are perfect for people who want to make money playing games, provided that they are seasoned poker players as well.
  • Free Entry Tournaments:- These tournaments on PokerBaazi are available throughout the year for people who are looking to enter free money earning games and have a go at the exciting chances to win big. Quite a lot of people earn money through games by entering these types of free entry poker tournaments of online poker. These types of tournaments are perfect for players who are still beginners at poker and want to play online cash earning games of poker without large sums of investment or deposits.

Rummy Card Game

This is a game of sheer skill as players are required to form pure/impure sequences, according to the rules of the game. The first player to arrange all his/her cards in such sequences and sets wins the game. Rummy is also one of the real cash earning games that can be played by 2 to 6 players.
The card game of online rummy game involves no betting and is a skill-based game that is played by many professionals and amateurs who earn money playing games online. Players, who play rummy to win, need to make valid sequences and sets out of the cards in their hands. Since the primary objective of winning the card game of rummy is to have all cards arranged properly before declaring, it becomes an intensely mind-nerving game of wits and skill. RummyBaazi is one of the online money earning sites where players can play different forms of rummy as real cash earning games.

3 Patti Card Game

This is similar to poker, but in these types of money earning games, players are dealt 3 cards each and based on the strength of their hands, the player who remains till the end wins the pot of money that had been staked by all players at the beginning of the game of 3 patti

Real Money Earning Games for Android in India

There are many free multiplayer online games that you can play to earn real money. Several thousands of Indians today earn money playing games online like Rummy, Poker and Teen Patti. These popular card games are available on various websites like PokerBaazi that provide players with ample opportunity to earn money playing online games without investment.
Let us take a look at these types of online card games in a little more detail.

Fantasy Cricket

This is one of highly popular online money earning games among cricket enthusiasts. Since it comes under the genre of fantasy games, it involves real characters but fantasized teams. This means that fantasy cricket uses real-life cricket players from national cricket teams of the leading countries, and players are allowed to make fantasized cricket teams out of them. You can earn money playing games like these by betting on real-world performances of real cricket players in fantasy cricket games. BalleBaazi is a highly popular platform where you can play and earn money by joining a variety of fantasy contests and leagues online.

Play Free Online Games to Earn Money

The best part of playing online money making games is that they are generally free money earning games without the need for making large sums of deposits. The most popular online earning games like poker on best poker sites like PokerBaazi are free to play, meaning you do not need to pay anything extra in the form of registration charges or even buy the android application. If the question you have in mind is “Can I play free online games to earn money?”, then the answer to that is yes of course you can!
Moreover, such free money earning games are massively multiplayer on some of the most trusted and popular poker websites, making the gameplay all the more exciting and challenging for poker players who play games and earn money. Players who are able to live up to the challenge can stand the chance to win large sums of prize money. These types of free money earning games of poker are recommended for beginners as well since they usually don’t stand to lose much.

Money Earning Games - FAQ

There is a wide selection of lucrative real money earning games on the internet, and many of them reward players with real money. Most of them require downloading their unique android mobile apps to play these games and earn money on the go. One of the most popular money earning apps for money earning games like poker is PokerBaazi, you can play 4 different variations of Poker on PokerBaazi across stakes you prefer and win money!

You can enjoy ‘play to earn’ games online of Poker by betting appropriately based on the strength of your poker hand and then finally collecting the entire pot of money at the table as your winnings. However, to successfully win at poker games , you need to know the details of the poker hand rankings to understand how strong your poker hands are. To play games and earn money in poker, you can visit the PokerBaazi website for more details on poker hand ranking rules and watch the tutorials for better understanding..

Freeroll tournaments are free money earning games and tournaments designed especially for beginners and professionals and are absolutely free of cost to compete in. Poker players do not need to pay any entry fee for such, making them the perfect poker practice model for beginners. There are quite a few online poker sites that host such freeroll tournaments on a regular basis to facilitate beginners.

Yes, online poker rooms make money by collecting a certain percentage of the pot money players win after the completion of each hand in a Poker game. This percentage is known as rake and can vary from 5% to 10% depending on the poker room you play.

Poker is one of the best ‘play to earn’ games that you can play regularly to win real money. Not just because it offers real cash prizes but also because of the fact that Poker is an inherently challenging skill based game that requires strategic betting skill, emotional intelligence and logical decision making skills to thrive in the game.

PokerBaazi is one of the best online earning apps wherein you can play the most popular variations of poker such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker and win real money. It is India’s biggest poker platform that is home to the widest range of poker tournaments and series of the year with prize pools being featured in 7 figures! From beginners to professionals, PokerBaazi has tailormade games and tournaments for everyone.

There are plenty of real money games available on the internet. The most popular choices are Texas Hold’em Poker, 13 Card Rummy, Teen Patti and Fantasy Sports! You can play games and earn money on popular and credible platforms such as BalleBaazi and PokerBaazi.