Games to Play at Home

Most Popular Fun Games to Play at Home

Are you having another gloomy, rainy day? Or just feeling too exhausted to go out? To get rid of these blues, you can always try out certain fun games to play with family. With restless children fidgeting on the couch and the clock ticking slower than usual, choosing to play indoor card game would be a great way to keep your family entertained. Spend some quality fun time with each other, and get your minds off with the daily strains.

Games to Play at Home with Friends

Are you asking yourself how can I have fun at home? Don't worry - the answer to this question is no rocket science. There are numerous types of full-filled indoor game options available today through which you can enjoy with your whole family.

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Who Am I?

For the times when you want to make the least effort but still have fun, going for 'Who Am I?' shall be a safe bet. In popular party house games like these, each person gets 20 questions to find out who one of the players is imagining themselves to be. Right from superheroes to the names of your extended family members, you can use just about anything for this game.

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Reverse Charades

We bring you another gem from the indoor games list. If you are looking for a party house game, then going for reverse charades shall be a great option. In these games to play at home with friends, you have to grab some paper slips for the game and then write down a few things or actions to be acted out by each of the players. You may determine the categories for it and select the number of points to be won for each right guess. To earn the points, you need to guess the actions of your teammate before the timer runs out.

There are many such popular fun games to play at home with your family and friends to rest the question on how can I have fun at home. However, to spice it up a bit and add more excitement, you may opt to explore poker home games.

Trying Out Home Poker

For thrill seekers, Poker would top the indoor games list. People across the globe love to play poker home games. Hosting a poker game is not at all difficult. You can simply invite a bunch of your friends, get the cards and enjoy a gala time with them. Most home poker games have no rakes and are incredibly fun to play.

You may even explore poker house games online on PokerBaazi, and enjoy an entertaining evening without having to go through any hassle. They can especially prove to be highly enjoyable games to play at home with friends in which all members of your family can participate and apply basic poker strategy and win real cash. While you might think that poker is suitable for adults, it is not the case. Poker home games, in fact, can be played in several ways and can be easily made adaptable for your children.

Most of the indoor games list include typical home games for kids that seem to be too juvenile for elders to participate in, but poker is not one of them. Home games for kids can allow parents, grandparents and children to play and bond with each other, and spend the much-needed quality time together, which often ends up being missing from our lives today. Moreover, playing home poker can even hone the thinking abilities of your kids, which does happen as they spend time watching TV or playing video games like video poker .

Best Time to Host Poker Home Games

You can invariably host poker games at home whenever you want. If you are planning home games for kids or the family, then you can easily arrange it on a weekday, for people to do something after work. Conversely, if you want to enjoy the game with your friends, then opting for the weekend would be a good idea. Basically, you can decide to host a home free poker game anytime you have a couple of hours to spare.

The majority of poker home games are held on a weekly basis. However, if you are unable to take that much time off, then you can always decide to host these home games in alternate weeks or even once a month. Even though spacing out these sessions of fungames to play at home with friends shall be a smart move, it is prudent to keep the excitement alive, therefore, you must avoid having a huge gap between them.

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Apart from the scheduled fun games to play at home, you can always host certain impromptu ones on days when you are feeling bored and want to enjoy a delightful poker session.

How can I Host a Poker Game at Home

Poker is among the best games to play at home with friends. By doing so, you can shape the game as per your vision, and enjoy with your friends in an incredible ambiance. It would also allow you to catch up with your buddies while playing an exhilarating game of cards.

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Even though hosting poker home games shall take a bit more than just a deck of cards, by being systematic in your approach and knowing exactly what to do, all of it can be arranged in no time. Among other things, you need to focus on having the right mix of players, a proper playing surface and a set of chips to enjoy a great home poker game with your folks.

Ideally, when picking poker from such an indoor games list, about 6-8 people should be enough. However, you can have up to 10 players for a one-table tournament, and even more, if you are going for a cash game.

Here are a few basic things to put on your to-do list when hosting poker home games:

  • Acquire all the necessary supplies
  • Learn the rules of the game
  • Buy poker chips and find a good surface to play the game
  • Establish house rules
  • Schedule the game night
  • Buy snacks and beverages
  • Pick an end time
  • And most important, have fun

Home poker would be a lot more relaxed than playing the game at a casino. However, you should know how to set limits and binds, suggest starting stacks and follow the rules even if it's a party house game. By following these simple pointers, you shall surely be able to make the best out of such games to play at home with friends.

Types of Poker Home Games

You don't have to worry about monotony setting in when hosting poker matches at home, as there are several ways you can play this game. Here is the list of poker variations that are most commonly played today:

  • Texas Holdem-By far, this is the most widely and popularly played variant in the list of poker home games across the world. Hold 'em poker can be played in several formats, including pot-limit, no-limit and limit texas holdem poker. In this game, players are dealt 2 hole cards each and 5 community cards are placed face-up on the table. The one with the strongest 5-card hand is considered to be the winner.
  • Omaha Poker-This poker variation shall allow you to deal five community cards and four hole cards. They have to make a hand with 2 community cards and 3 hole ones. Much like Texas Hold 'em, in Omaha Poker betting takes place in rounds.
  • Seven-card Stud-Unlike Omaha and Hold 'em in which players use community cards, in this variant of poker house games online or live, the players are dealt with 3 hole cards, 2 of which are faced down. The player having the lowest value card shall start off the betting and the one with the strongest 5-card hand wins at the end.
  • Razz Poker-This is a type of Stud Poker. In razz poker, the players have to play for the best lowest hand and not for the highest poker hand.
  • Horse Poker-horse poker is a combination of Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Hold 'em and Razz.
  • Badugi Poker-In this variant of poker games to play with friends at home, hands are created using only four cards instead of five. There are three drawing rounds in this game in total.
  • Roll Your Own-This poker game is played much like the seven-card stud. However, in this, players are provided with the option of selecting the cards that shall be face up cards.
  • Follow the queen-This variant of home poker game is almost like the seven-card stud game, but with a host of exciting twists added to it. You can never know what wild card will remain till the last queen is up.

The above-mentioned variants of poker home games shall be the perfect answer to the question of what are the best indoor games?

Playing Poker Online Free At PokerBaazi

Even though you can enjoy quite a thrilling time enjoying poker games to play with family at home and with friends, there are always those lazy days when we do not feel like arranging the whole activity. Today, you can enjoy a game of real money poker online absolutely hassle-free. You can simply play these games on your desktop, laptop, or mobile, any time you find convenient. There also are multiple online portals available today that let you arrange your own private poker games and find home poker games to play with family whenever you want. These portals provide a highly convenient and innovative way to explore poker games to play with family at home.

No matter if it is online or offline, home poker games to play with family are ideal. Party house games like home poker would be your perfect partner in enjoying yourself to the fullest without even taking a step out of your home. So, it is time that you bid goodbye to boredom and get started with a poker house game today.

Games to Play at Home - FAQ

There are plenty of classic anf fresh fun games to play at home with friends and have a great time. Some of the best games could be Poker home games, Call Break , Carrom, Reverse Charades, Who Am I, Scavenger Hunt and Pictionary!

The indoor games list could vary depending on your liking and preference. However, if one had to select, we could include some of the most popular choices:
Texas Hold’em Poker
Omaha Poker
● Pictionary
13 Card Rummy
Call Break
● Carrom
● Dumb Charades
● Video Games
● Truth and Dare

There are countless fun games to play with family and friends during lockdown. Some of the best ones include:
● Call Break
● Monopoly
● Truth and Dare
● 2 Truths and a Lie
● Texas Hold’em Poker
● Dumb Charades
● Pictionary
● Reverse Charades
● Indian Rummy