Poker in Bangalore

Best Poker Clubs in Bangalore

The poker industry in Bangalore is flourishing at an extensively high rate. The legalization of Poker by the Karnataka government in 2013 has increased interest amongst people. Playing poker in Bangalore is super fun, with lavish clubs specially built to encourage people to try their luck on this card game.

Poker does not require much science and can be easily understood. We have always associated poker and other gambling activities with Goa. However, after the legalization of Poker matches in Bangalore, over 150 clubs are running in the city, offering the best card gaming online experience. These clubs contain all kinds of card games like Rummy, Poker, 3 Patti, Open-face Chinese poker, or Omaha.

Playing poker in Bangalore clubs can fetch your lucrative prizes and establish you as a profound poker player. You can go with your friends and bet on your favorite games, just make sure to not wind up into a spiral of recovering losses. There are various legal poker clubs in Bangalore where you will find professionals, retirees, and even Bollywood celebrities like Minissha Lamba on the poker table. This industry is here to grow, and you must once in your lifetime visit these poker clubs to monetize your poker skills.

Major Poker Clubs in Bangalore

  1. Kings & Queens Poker Club

    This poker club in Bangalore has been successfully running for the past two years. The infrastructure of the Kings & Queen poker club is superbly outstanding with all the luxurious amenities. It guarantees a safe space where you can legally play poker and other cash game activities. You will experience the best gaming experience in this Bangalore poker club.

    Not only this, the club offers an easy cash withdrawal option with bad-beat jackpots. Daily tournaments range from small to high prize money that can be played while starting out. This poker room in Bangalore will also provide drinks and snacks while playing your favorite poker variant.

  2. Tilt Poker room

    The Tilt poker room in Bangalore is amongst the only poker clubs that are open 24 hrs a day for seven days a week. You can barge in anytime and play your favorite poker game. The poker room provides various poker games, including Texas Hold’em Poker, Open Face Chinese Poker, and Pot Limit Omaha Poker .

    Even the dealers here are very professional with no chance of cheating. The Tilt poker room in Bangalore follows a simple withdrawal policy to ensure their customers are happy with their work.

  3. PokerBaazi

    PokerBaazi is situated in the most popular poker-playing venues of Bangalore. It took over Phoenix Poker Room in 2016 and became a one-stop destination for playing poker. This Bangalore poker club has fully evolved, providing a luxurious gaming experience to all its users. The PokerBaazi platform offers both live and online poker tournaments, which is apt for all kinds of people.

    The poker matches here require a minimum buy-in but offer a much bigger reward. Even if you are a beginner, you can try your luck on small tournaments before climbing up to the large ones. PokerBaazi is one of the most authentic gaming platforms where you can enjoy safe and secure deposits and withdrawals.

  4. CardRack Poker room

    CardRack Poker room is amongst the oldest and highly rated poker rooms in Bangalore. It has around six tables, out of which three tables are active on weekdays and four on weekends. The ambiance inside the poker room is super cheerful, and you just cannot leave the place without playing a poker hand of cards.

    You can opt for Omaha poker, and Texas Hold’em poker or razz poker in this Bangalore poker room. Its minimum stakes are 50/100 with complimentary food and beverages to keep you full. CardRack Poker offers a regular poker tournament where you get a chance to win some fantastic items.

How to Win in Such Bangalore Poker Clubs

As beginners, you might feel excited seeing such deluxe poker rooms, but winning here can be a tedious task. These rooms are a hanging place for experts who have been playing poker for years.

The first thing you can do is learn from their real money game like poker. Just sit there and watch their play. Doing this a couple of times will entice confidence and willingness to win. Secondly, practice as much as you can; opt for both live and online poker. This way, you will get chances to polish your poker skills.

Poker in Bangalore FAQs

Yes! Poker is absolutely legal in Bangalore. In 2013, Karnataka declared that Poker is a skill-based game, not just the fate of cards. Hence, these games will not be counted under the anti-gambling provisions.

Poker in Bangalore is rising rapidly; the game has captured everybody’s attention. If you are looking for an authentic and legal platform where you can play poker online anytime of the day and win steady money, PokerBaazi can be your best option. Here, we provide both online and live tournaments across stakes allowing players of all calibre to take a shot at this thrilling game. You can even practice free matches before actually pouring your money.