Poker Chart

A Poker chart helps a poker player to identify the risks, prospects and probability and odds in every game. The detailed listing of poker hands chart, Poker win chart, Poker position chart, and best poker rules chart help frame the right strategy to secure maximum winnings. Poker hand rankings chart is an interpretation of calculating the stakes to identify poker probability in a game of poker.

A clear sneak-through on these Poker chart hands and Poker starting hand charts can help you get familiar with the cards and hand rankings. Learning the best poker rules chart is valuable for beginners to determine the winning hands in a Poker game. Therefore, a Poker hands chart for Texas Hold’em works as a handy guide to adopt the correct strategy depending on the type of hole poker cards you hold and the community cards on the table!

Poker Hands Chart- The Winning Hands in Poker

Keeping a Poker hand rankings chart open in one window while learning the game helps in getting your basics right. Here is the Poker position chart or the Poker win chart to understand the top poker card rankings chart.

Top Poker Chart Hands

Poker Hand Description
Royal Flush (As-Ks-Qs-Js-Ts) Top ranking cards with same suit makes you the Poker winner.
Straight Flush (5-6-7-8-9) Straight card sequence with same suit
Four-of-a-Kind (A-6-6-6-6) Four cards with the same hand ranking
Full House (K-K-K-J-J) Three same rank cards + Two same rank card
Flush (A-Q-8-5-2) Random five cards of same suit
Straight (4-5-6-7-8) Any five card in sequence of different suit
Three-of-a-Kind (A-Q-6-6-6) Any three cards of the same ranking order
Two pair (Q-Q-J-J-5) Same rank of two pairs and one other card
Pair (A-A-5-8-9) One pair of same rank cards
Highest Card (A-9-5-3-2) If none of the above hands are available with the players on poker table, the one holding highest rank card wins the round.

The Poker chart explained above is the basic Poker hand rankings chart that decides the winning position of the felts.

Things to Remember While Learning a Poker Hands Chart

  • Every Poker range chart begins with the highest possible hands and eventually comes down to the lowest hand grades. In the absence of any of the hand rankings from the Poker ranking chart, the higher hole card counts.
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  • In the Poker strategy chart, there are many possibilities of winning the round with two-hole cards that players receive at the beginning of the game. With an insight to the Poker rules chart and the Poker chart hands, you can formulate your betting strategies.

Poker Starting Hand Chart- Important Poker Chart to Learn Abbreviation of Hands

Its wise to begin with a starting poker hands chart that includes your two-hole cards in Texas Hold’em. Then, churn out the possibilities to know your chances of making combinations with the remaining community cards.

Poker starting hand Chart with Abbreviations:

Abbreviation of poker Starting Hand Hand Name
AA Pocket Aces
KK Pocket Kings
QQ Pocket Queens
AKs Ace-King Suited
JJ Pocket Jacks
TT Pocket Tens
AKo Ace-King without suit
AQs Ace-Queen Suited
AJs Ace-Jack Suited
KQs King-Queen Suited

As per the Poker rules chart, this Poker starting hand chart is something every poker player needs to refer to play as accurately as possible. However, the absence of these cards does not depreciate your winning prospects. Evaluate the situation with a poker odds chart and Poker probability chart to identify if the hand is worth playing. Also, understand the Poker range chart to identify the opponents strategy in the game.

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A Poker position chart is also vital to figure out whether you should play with top poker winning hands or wait for the mid/late positions to pick speed. If not played right, poker can be mentally taxing game as you need to infuse personal math and Poker charts to get correct results. Players need to analyze even the combination and situations that are not present in the Poker hands chart.

Poker Starting Hand Chart for texas holdem poker with Nicknames!

Poker lingo is a crucial part if you want to be a professional poker players! Poker rules chart with nicknames can help get the real feel of the game and showcase your interest in the poker game.

Players often use this Poker hands chart of nicknames to follow the poker game smoothly and easily remember the winning combinations. The Poker hand rankings chart for this task with easy to remember nicknames are as below:

Starting Poker Hands Rankings Chart

Poker Starting Hands Nick Name
AA Rocket, Pockets, Batteries, Needles
KK King Kong, Cowboys
QQ Ladies
JJ Brothers, Hooks
TT Dimes
99 Popeyes
88 Piano Keys, Snowmen
77 Candy Canes, Hockey Sticks
66 Route 66, Kicks
55 Snakes, Nickels, Presto
44 Magnum, Sailboats, Luke Skywalker
33 Treys, Crabs
22 Ducks
AK Big Slick
AJ Blackjack
K9 Canine
T2 Doyle Brunson

A Poker chart such as Poker sequence chart and Poker odds chart help you to face the tricky situations where you need to follow a tactical play of free poker. The Poker hands chart are, however, the most common one that beginners refer to. Poker chart hands are also given a specific name by some avid Poker players. It is a mentally daunting game, but such fun names give it a lighter edge to the game.

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  • Straight (A-K-Q-J-T) is known as ‘Broadway.’
  • Straight Flush (A-2-3-4-5) is known as ‘Wheel.’
  • 3-3-3-3-X is known as ‘Mighty Ducks.’ (Here X stands for a Random Card)
  • K-K-K-K-X is known as ‘Four Horsemen.’

Poker Position Chart

After knowing about the Poker ranking chart and the Poker range chart, learning the Poker position chart is also vital. The position of the players also influences the poker strategy to be followed in the game. Studying the Poker strategy chart and Poker position chart can help enhance your overall performance in poker card games.

The top positions of players on the poker table are:

  • Under The Gun + 1 / Early Position 1 - UTG / EP1
  • Under The Gun +2 / Early Position 3- UTG+2 / EP3
  • Under The Gun +1 / Early Position 2- MP1
  • Lojack / Middle Position 2- LJ / MP2
  • Hijack / Middle Position 3 - HJ / MP3
  • Cutoff- CO
  • Button- BTN
  • Small Blind- SB
  • Big Blind- BB

The Poker position chart and the Poker rules chart also vary for several poker tournaments or cash games. New players might find it confusing, and so, its better to stick with the basic Poker starting hand chart and Poker win chart as mentioned above.

Poker Odds Chart

Poker is a game of psychological warfare and strategizing the correct calculation of numbers is essential. The Poker odds chart help in evaluating the bluff ratio with the value of hand rankings. When you are unsure of your hands strength, the Poker probability chart and Poker odds chart help you learn the scope of trials.

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Mastering the Poker chart is not a cakewalk, and you need to scratch your minds with lots of practice sessions. The Internet offers different types of Poker chart to make the game more enjoyable for the players. These charts shall help you avoid silly errors and improve upon your game improvisation. The free online games of poker can bring on more thrill with an understanding of the slang attached to it. The final play depends on the table situation and the hands you hold!

Tips to Learn Poker Hands Chart

  • The higher straight Flush wins when two players hold the same rankings.
  • When two players hold quads, the one with a higher quad wins the round.
  • Same is applicable for flush and other hand rankings.
  • If two players hold two sets, the player with the greater pair wins the round.
  • When two players have random 5 cards, the highest value card wins the game.

The Poker chart gives you the recommendation to play the correct hands from the right positions. It also supports a detailed analysis of the Poker odds and hands strength to identify your winning probabilities. However, the definition of strong hands not just depends on the Poker chart hands or the Poker ranking chart. Your poker skills of bluffing right even with your weaker hands and making the poker opponent fold their hands leads to grab that pot money!

A Poker cash game can take a toll on your mind as it needs sufficient strategic planning and passion for learning the game with every play. Before playing for bigger prize pools, try free entry tournaments of this card game online if you have never played for real money and adiligently pply your learning of the Poker hands chart. Once you know the Poker rules chart and Poker strategy chart, making real money through reliable gaming sites could be great fun!

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Poker Chart - FAQ

A Poker chart can help players to calculate the winning probability of a player. It is calculated by evaluating the type of poker hands and its probability of occurring divided by the possible five-card combination.

As per the Poker chart, players can score by beating the other players’ hands in each round. For example, the royal flush can beat the straight flush, and straight flush can beat four of a kind, and so on. Check out the free video tutorials at PokerBaazi to know more about scoring in Poker.

A look at the Poker range chart can help to understand the compilation of hands that players can have at a specific point in the game. The Poker range varies on staking patterns and the poker action of players.