Poker Face

Going by the traditional meaning, poker face is more of an expression which usually doesn't give away anything that a person might be feeling at a certain time. If someone is happy but puts up an expressionless face, it’s known as a poker face. However, obviously, the poker card game is not about showing expressions. Rather it’s a card game where the dealer will deal the poker cards and the players need to make the perfect hand or need to have the highest pair combinations. So, the question stands the same- why do players make a poker face during the game?

What is a Poker Face?

In the traditional online game of poker, one cannot interact with the participants or see others’ expressions. This makes it very difficult for the players to keep track of their progress and might lose the game. Due to such events, several poker players have expressed their displeasure and disappointments. To resolve this issue, a British casino game manufacturer came up with a perfect solution- introducing a poker game platform where the participants can interact with each other in real time through a virtual platform while playing the game at the same time. Doesn’t this version sound similar to a game of online poker today?

Define Poker Face

All other discussions need to be stored for another day as the focus now has been shifted towards this special poker game. So, if you are wondering the role of a poker face in online poker card games, let us tell you how this counterpart of a live game works. Taking the example of PokerBaazi, India’s most trusted and best poker sites, you download it from our homepage and register yourself with a free user account. Now, once you login with your account details, you hit the lobby where you find various poker table, whether free poker game.

Role of Poker Face in Online Poker Games vs Live Poker Games

Once you join a particular table, you will find real players just like you seated next to one another in a virtual setting with the pot and the chips near the virtual dealer. As the virtual dealer shuffles the cards, all players play their hands turn by turn.

Now when you click on your seat, you can find various emojis that represent several facial expressions to show your reactions during the game. You can use these emojis to convey different tells, misguide and mislead him to believe otherwise when an opponent makes a particular move. Contrary to a poker face, these expressions could be fun and entertaining when you are enjoying online cash games of poker on PokerBaazi. So, it does sound like a normal poker game with video chats right. So, what is so unique and special about the poker face?

Well first of all, according to the poker rules, while playing the game, you have to understand the winning combinations and accordingly display the most suitable hand. Now, in the traditional online games, there is no live video stream involving all the players as they chat and play simultaneously. So, if someone decides not to use those emoji and simply make his moves without using expressions or the live chat option on the virtual tables of online poker card games, studying expressions becomes hard, and predictive calculations sound impossible.

Decipher a Poker Face at the Live Tables

Not every player is aware of the fact that while playing the live cash games at the poker clubs, the opponents will constantly stare, trying to decipher the expression to get a small hint about the player’s betting or poker card rankings strategy. It’s almost similar to counting cards and predicting the combination, with the only difference is that looking at other’s expressions is not illegal in this card game.

Now, how can one determine another opponent’s moves just by looking at their expressions? According to few poker tips, when you play online poker cash games the player who ends with the highest hand at the table wins the bets placed in the pot. Now, let’s take an example. If player 1 has a winning hand right before showdown, one can find a victorious smile on the player’s face. Hence, some players might catch on to this fact and prevent player 1 from winning, they might change their poker strategy and add chips to the pot rather than folding. As a result, player 1 wouldn’t be able to win the poker card game.

Player 1’s expressions of victory will be an advantage for other players in the card game. However, for player 1, this will be a disaster. This is where the online poker games come in. In online poker card games, there is simply no need to work on your poker face since no one could really see you! In fact, at the tables of online cash games of PokerBaazi, you can even fool your poker opponents with misleading emoji’s to trigger reactions and moves you want from the amateur opponents, one of the rare poker tips that no one will tell you!

If one wants to decipher what the opponent’s standing is currently, the player needs to consider two main facts- the card combination and the poker probability calculation. This is one of the most important poker tips that will help a player to win the game round easily while playing this version of the online card game of poker.

How to Unmask a Poker Face?

If a player is aware of how to play poker well in a live poker game, one should also know that while playing the game, calculation and strategy walk hand in hand. Unless the player has the higher hand, there is no chance of winning in the showdown. Even though you’re the best at carrying a poker face, you still should be concerned about your opponent’s next moves and not just rely on your bluff card game to pay you off in live poker card games.

However, as opposed to online games, you have to be very careful with your facial expressions in live cash poker games. It always helps in poker cash games as one will be able to view how others are reacting to their cards, deciphering their expressions may help a concerned player to win the pot. For this, one needs to have a lookout for subtle hints which will automatically appear on the opponent’s face during the course of the live online game. If there are professionals in the poker card game, an amateur player needs to be very careful about the expressions too because others might unmask what the gaming strategy and the next moves are. After all, a professional poker players knows how to play poker in-depth as compared to a fresher.

Apart from looking for subtle hints, one also needs to be calculative. For example, by noticing the darting of the eyes or the relaxed posture, one can know whether or not the player under scrutiny has a winning hand or not. Reading one’s expression in a live online game must be difficult for many players. However, with practice, anyone can master this skill and also win the rounds consecutively in the indian poker game.

Why Should You Keep a Poker Face in Online Poker Games?

  • To control your face expressions
  • To focus your mind in the game
  • Your opponent not to identify your body language that open the truth
  • To identify best poker tendencies that helps in perfect decision making

Long gone are the days when people visited the casinos in person and played live games. The online game industry caught attention during the pandemic as their favorite games were now available on several platforms and can be played anytime. No player has to abide by the restrictions of playing their favorite slots or the Blackjack.

Out of the various online skill games, like poker have recently become quite popular in India. The fact is poker players are pretty volatile, and unless one plans a perfect poker tell and strategy, maintaining your win rate in online poker games can be quite tricky. If you are an amateur player and don't have a single idea about what real money poker online game is, do not worry.

In this forthcoming discussion, we will be talking about the details of the poker card game, how to play poker, the stakes that can be placed, the poker rules and regulations one needs to follow and other relevant facts. So, without much delay, let's start the online poker real money games saga!

To understand this new online gaming platform and how to play poker online, first a player needs to understand what exactly a poker game is. Just like the blackjacks, card suits and hands are involved in poker, the cards are being dealt by the virtual dealer on the poker table as per the arrangement of the players being seated on the table.

According to the poker rules, the best way to win the game is by having the best hand or when all/remaining players will fold their poker hands right before the showdown. Today, games of poker can be considered as the next generation of this skill based card games that anyone can easily play online without much hassle. Now this might sound confusing. However, to be honest, online poker cash games of poker card games have become more popular as compared to the traditional poker cash games that are held in live poker rooms and casinos due to its easy accessibility and availability of games round the clock.

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Poker Face- FAQ

Poker face is nothing but an emotionless expression of poker skills with no subtle hints of a player’s thoughts being reflected on the face.

In a poker card game, when someone is sporting a poker face, it means that the player is maintaining a completely neutral emotion. Even if someone has a winning poker hands and the stakes are high in the pot, there shouldn’t be a single hint of elation or happiness on the face, regardless of how vague it is. Similarly, if someone is going to fold, a look of disappointment shouldn’t cross the face.

Yes, according commonly agreed poker tips, it is very much beneficial to maintain the poker face throughout the game even if a player is winning the round or has been pitted against weak players. This is because when one has a neutral face, the opponents won’t be able to deduce what the thoughts are on the card combination and the poker math and strategy.

Using a poker face is an art that everyone has to master over the years. As for the starters, one should stop smiling softly or widening the eyes on getting the exact combination that will confirm the win. Similarly, as per best poker gameplay one shouldn’t display a grim expression on receiving odd combinations that can result in a loss.