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Best Poker Sites in India

A poker site is a platform that runs a software that enables a player to play a game of online poker seamlessly. The software of best poker sites is the most important aspect of online poker and it is a critical factor that helps players determine which poker sites are best to play on. While winning and having a good experience is satisfying enough for poker players, it doesn’t harm you to know more about how the best poker sites in India work.

How Top Poker Sites Work?

The top poker sites consist of software that sits on a central server and communicates with the devices of the players that log into the poker site. The poker sites display a lobby that keeps track of all the ongoing cash games and tournaments and conveys the relevant information to players who then choose a game to join.

On choosing to join a game on top poker sites in India, the site displays a graphical representation of a virtual table on the screen. Depending on poker sites, the user interface will then display all the necessary details from the opponents, chip count, action buttons and game details like blind levels, payouts etc. Real money poker games sites ensure that players sitting at the same table are viewing the same details once their virtual hole cards are dealt. Players are allowed to view only their hole cards and the community cards are revealed at the centre of the table for everyone to see.

Moving to the most important component of top poker sites, the RNG. A live game of poker has the dealer shuffling the deck and its virtual adaptation is what is called Random number generator or RNG. These are programs that are tied into Indian top poker sites and constantly produce random sequences of numbers. Similar to what shuffling does to a deck of cards, an RNG program assures randomness of the cards dealt on poker sites. These programs are constantly producing random sequences of numbers and the software of the poker site converts one of these sequences into a specific card every time a card needs to be dealt.

So why is RNG such a deal-breaker for best poker sites? Well, it’s the RNG used by poker sites that ensures fair play. There’s no perceptible pattern to the order in which the cards are dealt and poker sites don’t influence the cards in any way. In addition to displaying information, the software of top poker sites also eases the operation of the game.

Most Indian best poker sites prompt each player when it’s their turn to act by displaying the option of buttons that they can choose to wager. The players then choose a suitable action and that information goes straight to the server. The server processes the action, updating the same and ensuring there is smooth gameplay. The action chosen by the player on a real money poker site is also relayed in real-time to all the other opponents on the poker table. Let’s say, for example, if a player chooses to fold, the other players will see the cards removed from the table. If a player chooses to wager, the remaining players on the table will be able to view the amount wagered.

Best poker sites further need to keep a count of the chips each player has, the number of chips in the pot during every given poker hand and finally, ensure that the pot is distributed as per poker rules to its relevant winners.

How to Play on Top Poker Sites?

Early Indian top poker sites required you to download the software to play a game of poker. Thanks to the advancement of technology now top poker sites have other gameplay options. A lot of the best poker sites in India now allow players to play directly through their site and of course, the penetration in the smartphone market means poker sites now have a mobile application.

The downloadable software still offers the best experience when it comes to Indian Poker Sites. But the mobile applications are certainly gaining popularity and come with their advantages.

How You Can Play on Best Poker Sites in India?

Downloadable Poker Software

Downloadable Poker Softwares remain the favourite to experience a poker site. Poker players prefer this form for the following reasons:
Higher Quality Graphics - While one might wonder why graphics are important, high-quality graphics certainly ensure a great overall playing experience which in turn has you focused and less troubled with the nuances of low-quality graphics. Further, considering the long hours on best poker sites, the graphics can be a strain on the eye. Therefore to ensure the graphics are of the highest quality, players prefer the downloadable poker software of the poker site.
Better Stability - Stability is key when it comes to best poker sites. When real money is at stake the last thing you want is for the software to crash or freeze. The downloadable poker software ensures this is the last of your worry.
Great Functionality - Another important feature for a poker site’s software is its functionality. The downloadable poker software of top poker sites is built for best functionality among its other versions. This version also comes with certain additional features that ensure smooth gameplay.
Additional Features - Special features like player notes, hand histories, customizable tables, mtt options and chat rooms make the downloadable software the most preferred option of best poker sites.

Instant Play Software

Poker Sites are all about the experience, and to cater to its popular player base, they have the instant play software option. What makes this attractive is that players don’t have to download software and directly access the game through the web browser. This is also a great option for players having software compatibility issues as instant play ensures compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and is powered using Adobe Flash. The instant play software used by poker sites is the scaled-down or ‘lite’ version of the downloadable poker software While you might not have a few additional features and compromise a little on the graphics, the gameplay remains uncompromised and continues to work for poker sites in India.

Mobile Applications

Capitalizing on the smartphone market wave, top poker sites in India were quick to adapt to mobile applications. Mobile applications come with several advantages that suit the needs of a poker players’ lifestyle. From being able to play on the go to the convenience of using just one hand thanks to portrait mode, mobile applications are all the rage for a quick poker game while on the go.

How to Choose a Poker Site?

Playing poker on the right poker site is crucial as you begin your poker career. With a plethora of Indian poker sites to choose from, it can be overwhelming for beginners. Therefore it’s important to research the best poker sites in India and find one that suits your needs.

Here are Few Tips to Choose Best Poker Site

  1. Check out PokerBaazi site!
  2. Ensure the poker site you choose is a reputable one - Do your research to ensure you choose a well-known, trustworthy and transparent real money poker site.
  3. Move on to looking into the License & Regulation that govern top poker sites and check if the site adheres to them.
  4. Next, ensure the software running the top poker sites in India have been tested for fairness.
  5. The RNG certification is another crucial checkpoint for poker sites. Look out for an authorized RNG certification from an approved body.
  6. The poker site should additionally be audited by a third party.
  7. Another crucial determinant when it comes to real money poker sites is secure financial transactions. Ensure your putting in your money and withdrawing it safely.
  8. Finally, check with peers or professional poker players for a poker site’s positive reputation. This is probably where most of the proof in the pudding lies.