Poker Strategy

If you’ve got a grip of the basics strategy of poker and doing it right, you might soon realize you need to up your game by learning some basic poker strategy. Poker strategies are certainly your gateway to master the game and remain consistent with your winnings, this is the beginning of your poker career. Considering you are starting off, the idea is to be able to play great poker without losing too much and all of it while having fun. Here are a few basic Indian poker strategies to get you started with.

Online Poker Strategies For Beginners

1. Be patient

As a poker amateur when you begin playing, you are often tempted to play bad hands, pegging your hopes to catch something on the turn or river, well you’re setting yourself up to be eaten alive by a shark and be left with a dismissal chip stack. This brings us to our very first basic online poker strategy, learn to be patient.

As a poker player, you are often dealt with losing/bad hands. The idea is to not fall for the trap and play these hands, this is where your knowledge on starting poker hand ranges comes into play. When this fundamental comes into play, you’ll soon realize that poker strategy is not about the hands you play, but the hands you fold.

So on the onset of your poker journey, we recommend you fold more hands than you play. Don’t get impatient to steal the pot with a bad hand. While you might sit out of the action and feel left out during the hand, use the time to observe your opponent’s online poker strategy. When you don’t have to focus on your hand, you can focus on everyone else’s on the poker table. Poker strategy: If you don’t have a strong hand and the odds are not in your favour, fold and be patient.

2. Observation is the name of the game

Poker strategy is all about outfoxing your opponent, in common poker parlance: Play the player, not your cards. This is a game of relativity and you need to remember how good or bad your hand completely depends on what your opponent is holding.

Imagine you are dealt pocket kings, a great starting hand, but your opponent holds pocket aces. You are likely beat with only a 28% chance of winning.

To be able to assess what your opponent is holding, one needs to watch out for their ‘poker tells’. A tell is a pattern, could be a nervous body language in live poker or wager sizes in online poker. If you’ve observed your opponent well enough, you will be aware of the patterns he/she follows which is a part of their poker strategy.

Now imagine you are dealt A-Q, another great starting hand, but let’s say your opponent has pocket Kings. The flop runs Q-8-7. While you did flop a queen pair, your opponent is already playing you on a higher pair and you’ve put yourself ahead with only a 20% chance of winning.

You may ask, how do you know what your opponent has? Well, poker strategy 101, observation is the name of the game! This is when the observations/tells of your opponent come into play in an online poker strategy. Questions to assess his hand strength, depending on his/her action:
- Has the opponent slow played big hands previously? - Play more cautiously then - Has the opponent leveraged strong cards on the board to bluff and steal the pot? - Call or even raise in these situations. - Has the opponent mostly called and only raised when he has an unbeatable hand? - Fold it

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3. Learn poker aggression

Being patient and waiting for the right cards will only take you that far in terms of poker strategy. You’ll soon realize you have to wager to win. But the wager needs to be timed and focused which plays out as poker aggression. As you master basic online poker strategy, you’ll learn the need for aggression at the table.

Playing cautiously is one thing, but amateur players often check when they should wager and call when they should be raising. High value opening hands like A-K should be played more aggressively as per online poker strategy. The aggression ensures you don’t give weak hands the outs or you force your opponent to pay to stay in the hand. The lack of aggression often comes back to bite a player as per poker strategy. Imagine underplaying pocket kings on the flop only to have your opponent clinch a straight with 8-4.

A weak play like this ensures your opponent labels you as an amateur on the table. Cautious play (when you occasionally wager or raise) will have you succumb to the stronger players on the table who now know your tell and will hope for you to buckle under pressure. Aggression is a great way to build a sizable pot as per poker Indian poker strategy. Ensure your milk that value with some aggressive play, now that's the poker strategy we are talking about!

Poker Strategy: The right aggression ensures you push more players out of the pot or ensures your opponent pays to see each card.

4. Play for the long run

In a game of poker, it’s important to accept that you're going to lose sometimes. But it’s important to understand why you lost. Often when your pocket aces are cracked by pocket nines that caught a set on the river, you tend to feel discouraged. These type of losses (bad beats) are purely a consequence of mathematical odds.

It’s important as a beginner to not allow these bad beats to affect you. As per poker strategy, while in the short run the odds may not be in your favour, in the long run, pocket aces is beating pocket nines more often. Poker is all about learning to get your hand in right and that will come only with practice. Playing thousands of hands in real money poker settings is what will teach you online poker strategy. It’s the only way to get your fundamental rights and not base your poker strategy on a small hand sample size. Making up for losses with bad wagers is poor poker strategy after all.

Poker strategy: Learn poker for the long run.

5. Constantly work on your game

The most basic poker strategy is to never stop learning. While live experiences like your wins and losses serve as great learning, there’s a lot to learn about poker strategy from blogs, coaches, books and great video content. Work hard to get access to the right sources so you learn great poker strategy. Learn to keep notes and be a critique of your own game. Rise up in stakes as you learn poker strategy ground up.


Every poker player develops their own unique online poker strategy as they advance. Learn the basics and understand what poker strategy works for your game. You will have great days and even worse days in poker, but it’s important to not lose heart when things don’t go your way. Don’t write off your skills, in fact go back to the board, and unlearn! There’s so much to learn when it comes to poker strategy and only the ones who learn remain relevant in today's game of poker.