Pot Limit Omaha

PokerBaazi offers Pot Limit Omaha Poker online where you can play Free omaha Poker games in the form of Freerolls or Cash Game variants. Since we have explained the way to play Texas Hold’em poker above, we can point out the differences that the two variants have.

How to play Pot Limit Omaha Poker?

Given a minimum of two and a maximum of nine players (usually), one can join in to play Pot Limit Omaha Poker. Since Pot Limit Omaha poker rules involves four cards, there are a lot of changes with respect to the strength of your hand. For example, medium flushes or sets may not qualify for a very great hand. You would find yourself beaten or worse still- drawing dead very often if you choose to play such hands often in free Omaha poker games. The game ends when a player makes the best five card hand. This is subject to the condition that a poker player can use exactly two of his Hole Cards and 3 of the Community Cards- and this is one of the core Omaha poker rules that’s irrevocable.

How Pot Limit Omaha Poker is Different from Texas Hold’em Poker?

1. Pot Limit Omaha players are dealt four face-down cards each as opposed to two.

2.The players must use 2 of their Hole Cards to make their best possible poker hands.

3.This is a Pot Limit Game, only allowing players to place a maximum raise equal to the size of the pot.

The Dealer and the Blinds

Once the Dealer is decided as above, he/she is allotted the Dealer button. This Dealer button is symbolic of the centre of proceedings in a Pot Limit Omaha poker game. This Dealer is also responsible for shuffling up the cards first hand and to thus kick-off the placement of poker blinds as per Omaha poker rules. Just like Texas Hold’em Poker , two players to the immediate left of the Dealer put their blinds as Small Blind and Big Blind respectively. The Small Blind is usually half that of the Big Blind.

Dealing the Cards again

The placement of Blinds is followed by dealing one card (face-down) at a time to each player in a clockwise manner, repeated four times.

Pre-Flop Round

In Pot Limt Omaha poker online, the Pre-Flop round starts as soon as the last of the four cards is dealt face down to the last player on a poker table . In this round, the action kicks off in a clockwise manner and concludes with all the players wagering the same (common) amount of money.


The Pre-Flop round is followed by the Flop. In a game of Pot Limit Omaha poker, a total of five community cards are drawn by the Dealer. The Flop means the presence of the first three face-up cards that are dealt.
This is followed by another round starting from the player sitting to the left of the Dealer. All players have an option to check, call or raise.


This is followed by a similar round called Turn, in which the Dealer casts-off the topmost card with him and again presents one face-up card next to the Flop. Action starts all over again and the round concludes once every player has either matched the previous wager or folded his/her hands in cash as well as free omaha poker games.

River and Showdown

The last round of dealing Community Cards is called River. It is famous as the ‘Make or Break’ round because it is the last step before Showdown and the last card, river often completely changes the complexion of the Omaha poker game as per the Omaha poker rules. After one more round, all remaining players go into the Showdown to determine who has the best combination of cards. As per Omaha poker rules, this combination is seen from three Community Cards and two of the four Hole Cards.

How is the winner determined in Pot Limit Omaha?

This is the tricky part. Pot Limit Omaha poker online differs by a mile when it comes to figuring out the winner as compared to Texas Hold'em. However, the Hand Rankings remains the same between the two.
• The players are allowed to use only and exactly two hole cards and three Community Cards, to make their best hand possible. According to omaha poker rules, this also forms the basis to be the winner.
• In case of a deadlock with regards to common weak cards with all the players, then the winner is decided on the basis of the highest valued single card.
• All participants must use two cards of their own. In case they all have a straight board, they will complete it with their two cards and emerge as the winner in Pot Limit Omaha poker online.
• The relevancy and priority of cards are irrelevant to the strength of a hand.

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Basic Omaha Poker Strategy

Pot-limit Omaha poker online opens up a lot more combinations and mixes the game up to come up with a ‘perfect poker strategy . Here are a few Omaha poker tips to get you started.

  • It's all about your starting hand range - Pot-Limit Omaha has a separate set of starting poker hands you should be paying heed to. Considering a player is dealt four cards, they are tempted to play more often, falling into the trap of any four cards are great Omaha Poker hands to play.
  • Your golden pair of aces aren’t as golden in cash and free Omaha poker games. A pair of aces might be a strong Omaha poker hand preflop, but unless they improve, you’re surely beat in a multi-way pot.
  • Keep the poker bluffing for texas holdem poker. A Pot-Limit Omaha poker game witnesses lesser bluffs because a sign of strength in the Omaha wagering rounds is likely to be a strong hand.
  • Draw for the poker nuts. When you find yourself investing large amounts into a pot with a drawing hand, it is advisable to do so with Omaha poker hands that are drawing to the nuts.

Here’s a simple rule of thumb rule to follow to calculate your implied odds in Omaha poker online:
Every out gives you an approximate 4% chance of hitting on the turn and river combined. For example, five outs give you about a 20% chance of improving. Six outs = 24% and so on.

Specific Draws Outs
Flush draw with two overcards or a straight flush draw 15 Outs
Flush Poker draw with one overcard 12 Outs
Flush draw 9 Outs
Open-ended straight draw 8 Outs
Two overcards 6 Outs
Gut-shot straight draw 4 Outs

You can’t think like a Hold’em player as per the Omaha poker rules. Pairs, two pairs and open-ended straight draws can not be overvalued in cash as well as free Pot Omaha poker games.

Basic Pre-Flop Strategy for Pot-Limit Omaha Poker

By now as a poker player, you must know the importance of starting hands and what a huge hand it plays in your profitability in a Pot Limit Omaha game. The range of your starting hand in Omaha poker varies from situation to situation. Here are a few factors and their corresponding starting hand range decision to keep in mind at your Pot Limit Omaha poker table:

  1. How aggressive are the players? The tighter the table, the looser the starting hand and vice versa.
  2. How many players are seated at your table? Play tighter at a full table and looser at a short-handed table.
  3. How many players have folded or how many are in the hand when it’s your turn to act? Generally, you should be ¾.
  4. .
  5. What is your current position on the table? Play tighter from an early position and add to your Omaha poker hand range as your position moves along the table.
  6. If the pot has been raised by a player, from which player and what position are they in? If many players are in the pot ahead of you you'll only want to enter the hand with multiple card combinations that have nut draw potential. Draw for the nuts or fold in Omaha poker online.
  7. Best Pot-Limit Omaha Starting Hands

    In a game of Omaha poker, having pocket pairs amongst four Hole Cards is not a powerful Omaha starting hand. The strongest Omaha poker Starting Hands is ace-king double suited. In this, you have two pocket pairs for starting made hands, but it opens up two nut flush opportunities and the Ace-King gives you a shot at Royal Flush Glory in Pot Limit Omaha.
    Following suit in the best Omaha poker starting hands are Double-suited hands with high-value connectors and pairs. Here are a few hands in cash and free Omaha poker games to keep your eye out for:
    • A♠ A♥ J♥ T♠
    • K♠ Q♣ J♠ T♣
    • Q♥ Q♠ J♥ T♠
    • A♦ A♠ 7♠ 6♦

    These are Pot Limit Omaha poker starting hands that promise high potential to hold a Straight, Flush and Set.

    Trap Hands to Avoid in Omaha Poker Online

    A trap hand is a hand that gives you the false hope of landing hard but only really enough to get you to second-best in a Pot Limit Omaha game. Here is the list of Omaha Poker trap hands you want to avoid being trapped in:
    • A Small Pair- Imagine you’ve been dealt 6♥ 6♣ 4♦ 3♣. We suggest not playing the hand both in cash or free Omaha poker games , but if you are, it’s a set or full house you're hoping for. Let’s say the flop lands Q♦ J♣ 6♦, not a great one for you in Omaha poker online, but the idea of the set holding good thanks to Texas Holdem odds, sets you up for a clear losing hand here. You are often outrun by a higher set in Pot Limit Omaha poker, flopping the set is possibly the biggest red flag for you to fold.
    • Low Wrap Hands - By playing low Omaha poker sequences like 5♠ 4♣ 3♠ 2♣, you know well enough that you could be on the sucker end of this straight poker as per Omaha poker rules. Texas Hold’em Poker online should have already taught you that. The luring flop reveals 6-7-8, you take the bait and it’s likely someone has a 9-10, you draw dead.
    • Small Flush Hands - If we haven’t said it enough, Pot Limit Omaha poker is a nut game. You have to have the best, a lower card flush usually means you are losing the pot most often. Work those ace-high flushes for starters and don’t let the small flush hands trap you even in free Omaha poker games.

    Which hands should you raise in Pot Limit Omaha Poker online?

    The thumb rule to follow for Omaha poker online and raising pre-flop:

    1. Raise only with the top 30 Pot Limit Omaha Starting hand.
    2. Ensure you have at least two to a suit.

      Mix it up for value and play suited connectors and medium pocket pairs in Omaha poker online:
      Other hands that you could raise in PLO include:

    1. Hands with three face cards including a suited Ace.
    2. Running cards (including one-gappers) which are double suited. For example 7 8 T J double-suited or 6 8 9 T double-suited.
    3. Double suited premium pairs.

    Here’s a list of the top 30 Pot Limit Omaha Poker Starting hands:

    1 AA-KK double-suited
    2 AA-J-T double-suited
    3 AA-QQ double-suited
    4 AA-JJ double-suited
    5 AA-TT double-suited
    6 AA-9-9 double-suited
    7 AA-x-x double-suited
    8 J-T-9-8 double-suited
    9 KK-QQ double-suited
    10 KK-JJ double-suited
    11 K-Q-J-T double-suited
    12 KK-TT double-suited
    13 KK-A-Q double-suited
    14 KK-A-J double-suited
    15 KK-A-T double-suited
    16 KK-Q-J double-suited
    17 KK-Q-T double-suited
    18 KK-J-T double-suited
    19 QQ-JJ double-suited
    20 QQ-TT double-suited
    21 QQ-A-K double-suited
    22 QQ-A-J double-suited
    23 QQ-A-T double-suited
    24 QQ-K-J double-suited
    25 QQ-K-T double-suited
    26 QQ-J-T double-suited
    27 QQ-J-9 double-suited
    28 QQ-9-9 double-suited
    29 JJ-TT double-suited
    30 JJ-T-9 double-suited

    Which hands to limp in Pot limit Omaha poker online?

    • Hands with three face cards but no suited Ace
    • All running cards (without gappers), 5 or higher
    • Hands with a suited Ace and straight possibilities
    • Running cards with one gapper between the second and third card.

    As per Omaha poker rules, the above are just guidelines and need to be applied keeping in mind your Omaha poker table dynamics. Keep in mind your table image, your opponents’ skill level, your PLO skill level before making your decision in cash as well as free Omaha poker games.

    5 Card PLO

    This popular version of PLO was introduced on PokerBaazi on July 1’19 and differs slightly from the 4 card variant. In this format of Pot Limit Omaha poker online, 5 hole cards are dealt instead of 4 and a player must use 2 hole cards and 3 community cards to complete his/her best 5 card combination . The game also follows a ‘pot limit’ structure, just like in the regular variant.

    Pot Limit Omaha - Common FAQs

    Omaha poker online is similar to Texas Hold’em as far as the standard poker rules and hand rankings are concerned. However, the dynamics changes with just one change in the Omaha poker rules- instead of two, four hole cards are dealt in Pot Limit Omaha poker online. Your goal still requires you to use just 2 hole cards and combine with 3 community cards and make the best five card hand combination to win a round.

    The Omaha poker rules require players to use two of their foul hole cards dealt to them to make the strongest five card hand combined with 3 community cards at the table. You play four unique rounds similar to Texas Hol’dem as per Omaha poker rules- Pre-flop, Flop, Turn, and River. Players have four actions to play thesis rounds in cash and free Omaha poker games-
    ● Call- match the previous wager
    ● Check- pass the action to the next player
    ● Raise- increase the recent wager
    ● Fold- quit the current round
    As per Omaha poker rules, either the player with the best five card hand wins the round in showdown or when all players have folded but one, that last player standing gets to win the pot money.

    • A♠ A♥ J♥ T♠ and K♠ Q♣ J♠ T♣ are two of the best starting hands in free Omaha poker games as well as cash Pot Limit Omaha variants.