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The Growth of Real Money Games in India 2022

Real money games are the ones wherein gamers have to put in some money as a bet or entry fee in order to get a higher amount in return or cash back benefits have been on the rise for a few years. The first wave of real money games like Indian poker was started with Adda 52, Rummy, Poker and then came the second wave of fantasy games driven by the likes of Dream 11, Mobile Premier League, etc.

Betting has its roots in the history of sports in India but with the emergence of fantasy games, which gives betting a legal status, billions of Indians have bet equal amounts of money on these games. In 2018, according to a report, Indian gamers spent a staggering $1.73 billion in online sports betting and this number is set to increase monumentally this year, especially after cricket resumes in the country. Some analysis reports have also suggested that, despite cricket dominating the betting segment, Indians will also sway into other sports such as Kabbadi, Football, Hockey, etc, for better chances of winning bets.

The three key segments of online gaming are – real money games (RMG), mobile-centric/casual games and e-sports. Within the RMG genre, the further sub classifications include rummy, poker, daily fantasy sports and quizzing.

Breathe easy any time soon. This parallel universe has its own set of audience in abundance that might cross the 1 billion mark by the end of 2020.

While veterans and start up gaming operators are reaping its exploding benefits, the user base is collecting their own share from the massive harvest. This seems to be the ideal time to give an extra boost to your bankroll by earning plenty through cash game of your choice.

Poker is one such mind sport that has created a lot of buzz over the past few years in the internet of gaming. Its inherent appeal and complexity challenges even the best trained minds every time they are facing the felts, whether on a live game or online. Coherently, its market appeal is so high that its poker tournaments are one of the biggest in the world, take the example of World Series of Poker (WSOP) whose prize money of INR 70 Cr+ for the 2019 winner Hossein Ensan, surpasses any other tournament by a whopping margin.

So, let’s make some space in our lives this 2020 and attract big and small opportunities by earning some real money online through the most amazing game of the 21st century.

Real money games are all the hype among the internet of things today. Here’s a list of the top real money games in India that have thrived in recent times due to its inherent gameplay as well as the incredible earning opportunities laid by online gaming platforms to players across India.

List of Top Real Money Games in India

S No Real Money Game
1 Online Poker
2 Online Rummy
3 3 Patti
4 Call Break
5 Bluff Card Game
6 Fantasy Cricket
7 Solitaire Card
8 Mendicoat Game

Online Poker

Poker is a skill-based card game played with a 52-card standard deck and a poker chip-set. To master this game, you must first memorise the poker hand rankings, poker table seating placements, and betting rounds (Pre-Flop, Flop, The Turn, The River and The Showdown). The main goal of the poker game is to make a better combination of poker hand rankings in order to always win the pot. There are several different types of poker, with Texas Hold’em being the most popular and Omaha Poker coming in second. So,if you want to make real money with your poker skills, try PokerBaazi, India's biggest poker platform, where you may win incredible prizes and cash rewards daily while having endless fun.

Online Rummy

For a long time, rummy games have been a part of Indian culture. The game of rummy is a matching card game played by a minimum of two and a maximum of six players in which constructing sequences of cards is a critical part of the game. The best part is that playing Indian card rummy is pretty simple and does not require mastering stringent rules. In Rummy online games, the basic goal is to create melds of three or more cards of the same suit in ascending or descending order. Here are some rummy examples: ♥ 7 ♠ 7 ♦ 7, ♥ A ♥ 2 ♥ 3 ♥ 4 . Once you know how to form such combinations, you can play rummy online to win real cash too.

Teen Patti

To win at this popular family game, you'll need both skill and luck. With the exception of the Joker, this real money game is a simple card game comparable to three-card poker that requires a 52-card deck. At the start of the 3 patti game, the dealer deals three cards face down to the players. The person on the left of the dealer is the first to place a wager, and the process repeats again. At the completion of the hand, the champion is determined, and the best hand receives the entire pot. On the Google Play Store, you may find a plethora of free gaming apps, and you can even play this game directly in your browser.

Call Break

Callbreak is a four-player long-run trick-taking card game that is particularly popular in Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. It is typically played with a standard 52-card deck. Call Break is sometimes referred to as Call Bridge or Lakdi. The dealer deals 13 cards to each player at the start of the game, and each game comprises five rounds. Each participant must bid a minimum of two winnable tricks. The player on the dealer's right is the first to act, and he or she may play any card. They can play a trump card or a card from a different suit if none of the players hold a card of the same suit. The game is played for 5 rounds, with the maximum score at the end of each round determining the winner.

Bluff Card Game

Bluff card game is a deception game in which the goal is for the participants to dispose of all the cards. This game can be played with just one standard deck of 52 cards if there are four or fewer players. First, you have to shuffle the cards and distribute them among the participants. A player's move includes throwing one or more cards face down and declaring their rank which can be a lie. If any player suspects another player of cheating, they might yell Cheat or Bluff, and the cards in question are disclosed to all players. When a player gets rid of all the cards, the bluff card game is over, and that player is declared as the winner. I doubt it or Bullshit are two other names for this game.

Fantasy Cricket

Millions of people all over the world enjoy this real money game. Fantasy is a strategy-based sports game in which you must assemble a virtual team of genuine cricketers who compete in actual tournaments throughout the world. And you get a score based on how well these players perform. If you believe it's a game of chance, you're incorrect; you'll need to master specific predictive and analytical skills, as well as do some study to learn about the necessary facts to defy the odds and win the game. When you download a fantasy cricket games app, your initial goal is to select the best possible 11 players from the teams that are playing on a given day in order to outscore your opponents. BalleBaazi is one of the most revolutionary names in fantasy gaming is one of the ideal platforms for beginners and pros to explore fantasy gaming across multiple sports and win real cash rewards.


Solitaire is an intriguing card game that people of all ages may enjoy. When you start to play the game solitaire, first you have to shuffle the cards together. Then, a player must construct stacks of cards into the seven columns in a face down position on the solitaire board by switching colours of the cards as they are placed downward. After the foundations are built, all remaining cards are used to form the Stock. To win the Solitaire card game, sort all of the cards into the four vacant Foundations piles beginning with Ace low and working your way up to King. You battle with yourself every time you play solitaire for the best high score.

Mendicot Game

The Mendicot Game is a trick-taking card game for four players in two partnerships. Mendikot is another name for this game, and it is essentially identical to Dehla Pakad, a North Indian game. To play this card game, you'll need a regular 52-card deck. The fundamental goal of the Mendicot game is to win all of the tricks with tens. To commence the game, the participant to the dealer's right leads any card to the very first trick and as per mendicot game rules, players must follow suit; if they are unable to do so, they may serve any card. The team with three or four tens in its tricks win sthe game, and if each team has two tens, the one with seven or more tricks wins the deal. Mendicot is the term used when you win a game by getting all four tens.

Poker Odds- Earn Real Money Online for Free

Before we delve deeper into the earning scope through poker, prospective players need to understand the nature of this skill game and its innate qualities that players crave to create and maintain a favourable place in the poker circuit. Poker is a meta-game that demands a blend of a complicated set of skills- Mathematics, Reverse Psychology, Analytical & Logical Reasoning and Composure. Even though some may be naturally endowed with these attributes, sufficient experience is required to maintain one’s composure during unfavorable situations and avoid going on tilt.

Texas Hold’em takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master”, a famous quote aptly said by poker veteran Mike Sexton.

Online Real Money Games in India Are the New Recourse during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The lockdown has changed the face of 2020 in more than one way. It has not just brought the world down on its knees seeking ways for respite from the smoldering COVID-19 pandemic but has also pushed most of us looking for money earning sources online as the economy is on a standstill. As the cost to humanity turns unbelievable, this unfavourable condition has led many of us to an interesting urgent search for online real money games in India.

While social distancing has become the standard practice to combat this pandemic, online real money games in India are becoming the new norm to uplift our challenging economic condition. If you are out of the loop on this one, we are here to enlighten you on this recourse that’s helping people to bring in some good old cash home simply by investing their minds and a tiny portion of our money.

How to Make Money with Online Real Money Games

Online real money games in India have brought a smile to the face of many Indians during these difficult times as they happen to be excellent means to earn real money real quick simply by playing a few games on your smartphone. Now, one must note that all online real money games in India do not have the same money making potential. So, you need to be careful when choosing to pick a game you comprehend well enough to reward you for the time you spend online Start with practice games to learn the ropes if you are a new player and then gradually make the switch to play real money casino games. Make use of casino bonuses and deposit bonuses in online gaming apps to boost your bankroll from scratch.

Real Money Games - FAQs

If you wish to play games to earn money online, skill based games like Poker, Rummy and even Fantasy sports are your best jam. Use your knowledge of the sport you love, learn, practice and play a few practice games if you are new to the game. You may eventually switch to playing real money earning games and tournaments across stakes and win real money.

Yes, credible licensed gaming apps pay you real cash prizes if you win in tournaments and cash tables. You may play skill based games such as Poker on India’s leading poker platform and earn real money.