Real Money Poker Online

Real Money Poker Games: What You Need to Know

Poker is a skill-based game that requires you to be an expert in handling cards. It is played by millions of people worldwide including India, where its popularity is skyrocketing. Here, you will find professionals, retired people, and even big celebrities playing on real money poker game apps today.

Poker originated in New Orleans in the 1800s and was initially played with just 20 cards. However, now the poker game has completely been revamped integrated with a more professional approach, and includes all the 52 cards. This is not just a cards game; it helps people make good money. If you become an expert at poker, then there are high chances that you will win big monetary prizes.

With the growing technology, it is now possible to play online real money poker games. You just have to choose a platform that is legal and authentic. Here, you can buy-in stakes and play live on multiple poker tables. These real money poker game apps are advantageous, and it allows you to play poker at all time without having to physically visit a casino. You can even join live poker matches through online real money poker game apps and play like an ordinary player.

How to Play Real Money Poker Online

Real money poker game starts with a forced bet called blind or ante. All players have to put their bet into the pot. While playing on an online poker real money app OR best poker sites, you can do this by buying the stakes of the game.

Further, every table has a dealer who distributes all cards and takes care of the future proceedings of the poker tournaments. After the forced bet, the dealer will hand over an equal amount of either face-up or face-down cards. Now, these players can either fold, raise, or call their bet.

So in the basic in how to play poker is If you fold the cards, this means you are out of the online poker game, and your initial bet will be divided among other players. In contrast, if you raise, your bet, which means you have to contribute more than your current bet into the pot. And lastly, if a player calls the bet, they have to add an equal of money as their starting bet.

Like this, an online poker real money game continues, and the player who doesn’t fold their cards win the match. Also, if more than one player is left, the final showdown will force both of them to show their cards, and the player with the higher-ranking cards wins.

How to Win Real Money Poker Games

  1. Know your poker hand ranking very well

    As beginners, you must know all poker hand ranking by heart to win any poker tournament. These poker hierarchy cards are easy to learn and will fetch you extra points when in need. These are-

    Royal Flush- It constitutes the highest-ranking cards including Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, all of the same suit. The royal flush hand is scarce to find; it only has a probability of one out of 6,49,737 hands.

    Straight Flush- In an online real money poker game, if you get five cards of the same suit in numerical order, it can be categorized under a straight flush. The possibility of getting a straight flush is 1 in 72 193 hands.

    Four of a kind- It means four cards of the same rank irrespective of their suit and an additional odd card. In online real money poker games, the chances of getting four of a kind are 1 in 4,164 hands.

    Full house- If you get a trio of cards with the same rank and one identical pair, it is called a full house. The possibility of getting a flush is only 1 in 693 hands.

    Flush- A flush is a combination of five cards of the same suit, irrespective of their numerical order. The likelihood of getting a flush in a real money poker is 1 out of 508 poker hands.

    Straight- It constitutes five cards in numerical order, regardless of their suits. You can get a straight once out of every 253 hands.

    Three of a kind- It is a poker hierarchy where you get three cards of the same rank and two odd cards. Three-of-a-kind poker hand ranking can be found in every 1 of 46 hands.

    Two pairs- Here, you will find two unique pairs of cards with the same rank. You can get two online real money poker games once every 20 hands.

    One pair- As the name suggests; you will get a single pair of cards of the same rank. The chances of getting one pair are once in every 1.36 hands.

    High card- If your poker card doesn’t fit in any of the mentioned situations, then you have probably got a high card. The odds of getting a high card are very high than all the other combinations.

  2. Practice for online poker real money game

    There is no replacement for hard work. Poker is a skill-based game, and you need dedicated practice to win against your competitors. Before playing real money poker games, go for the free poker, where you can practice without losing any money.

  3. Be patient, and play for the long term

    Beginners mostly are super-excited while playing their first few matches, but they need to make sure not to lose patience. Poker played online cash game or even live requires you to study the game and then take steps accordingly. Wait for your turn, and don’t let anybody think that you are still trying to figure out things and are not an expert.

Types of Online Real Money Poker Games

  1. Texas Hold’em Poker

    Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variant found in almost all online real money poker games. In Texas Hold’em Poker the dealer provides you with three face-down cards and five community cards distributed in four betting rounds. The players have to use both the hole card & community card to make the best five highest-ranking hand.

  2. Pot Limit Omaha Poker

    Omaha is similar to Texas Hold’em; however, the players will get four-hole cards and five community cards. Like the Texas Hold’em, the betting will happen in four rounds. In Omaha poker the players have to arrange the best five cards using two-hole cards and three community cards.

  3. 7-Card & 5- Card stud poker

    Both these online poker games are very alike to each other. In 7-card stud poker or razz poker, you are rewarded four face-down and three up, and the player has to arrange the best five cards out of these seven.

    And in 5-card stud poker, you are given five cards, out of which you can replace three cards to make the highest-ranking five-card poker hand.

  4. High/Low Chicago

    High/Low Chicago is very popular in online poker real money apps. If you are playing high Chicago, then the player with the highest spade face-down wins half the pot. In contrast, a player who gets the lowest spade face-down wins half the pot while playing low Chicago. The other half of the pot is given to the player with the highest poker hand.

Types of Real Money Poker Tournaments

  1. Freezeout tournament

    Here, the players are not allowed to rebuy their poker chips and are forced to play with the initial buy-in they purchased at the starting of the game. So, if you run out of chips, your poker game is over.

  2. Rebuy

    In contrast to Freezeout, Rebuy means you can buy more chips only for a limited period. So, if a player runs out of chips during that time, they can purchase more chips and remain in the game.

  3. Multi-table tournament

    The online real money poker games are played on different tables with best poker math. Players fight at each table to make their poker opponent lose their chips and get eliminated. The game continues, and the number of tables in the poker begins to shrink. A winner is a person who plays till the last and has fought all their opponents.

  4. Bounty tournament

    It is also known as a knock-out tournament in the real money poker games, where you get cash prizes according to the player you defeated, ranging from 20-50%. If you are just starting, this can be the best place to earn extra cash without losing to the top players.

  5. Sit & Go

    It is amongst the most popular poker skill based tournament variants on both live and online real money poker games. These tournaments start when the seats get full, and as the players get eliminated, the tables crumble to get the winner of the match.

How to Select the Best Real Money Poker App

  1. Secure interface

    Nothing is more important than having a strict security policy to safeguard user information. While searching for the best real money poker app, make sure you have researched well about its security features. You might be willing to play for money in the future, which requires you to enter your bank account credentials.

  2. Login options

    Many premium online poker real apps offer social and guest poker login. This allows you to log in using your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Using social login will help you find friends who have played poker on that app. However, it’s no compulsion; you can also log in as a guest using your email id or mobile number.

  3. Various poker variations

    You must go for an online poker real money app that offers multiple poker variations like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud Poker, Draw poker, horse poker and others. This will keep you entertained and sharpen your poker skills to maintain the poker bankroll.

  4. Offer multiplayer option

    Where’s fun without friends? Right! So, you can go to an online poker real money app that allows you to play with your friends. You just have to share the link to the online poker game, and they can hop on and join the match. This is much more amazing than just playing alone or with random virtual people.

    Join PokerBaazi’s private tables and create one, set the numbers and invite your friends using a private code over to play against one another and win real money.

  5. High monetary rewards

    An online poker real money app must launch regular tournaments with big prizes to earn good cash. These matches can be categorized under different levels, and with every win, your opponents become more competent, and the winning prize also increases. You can also go for online poker apps that have weekly or daily leaderboards to encourage player’s participation in these matches.

    Real Money Poker - FAQs

    PokerBaazi is India’s trusted online platform to play various poker variants. It offers free and paid online poker games to encourage new players to play on the forum. To start with, you can download the PokerBaazi app and log in to create your user account. You can then select the poker game you want to play and make the initial bet. Continue the game till the end, and win by getting the highest-ranking poker hand.

    The best real poker money game apps are incredibly secure if you choose the right platform. PokerBaazi conducts a complete KYC and follow a responsible gaming policy to keep gaming behaviour in check. Real money poker game apps like PokerBaazi allows you to easily withdraw or pour in money safely within no time to facilitate seamless gaming.

    Yes, it is legal to play poker online for real money in India as per the government rules and regulations for real money gaming. However, state laws of Assam, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Gujarat prohibit real money games of poker, although interested players can play free games on online poker sites.

    PokerBaazi, India's biggest poker platform is the best poker application to play real money poker online and enjoy different variations of the game. Seamless UI, secure instant withdrawals, deposit limits and multiple payment options are some of the best features you can enjoy on the app.