Refer a Friend

Refer A Friend

Unlimited Invites. Unlimited Earnings. Instantly Withdrawable.

We’re extremely excited to announce our new referral program that rewards you for inviting your friends onto the PokerBaazi app.

Just invite your friends and get rewarded as they play on the platform. Earn upto 1 LAC per friend for every friend invited! There are no limits on the number of friends you can invite.

Your earnings are credited daily into your PokerBaazi account and are instantly withdrawable. The more your friends play, the more you earn.

Maximise your instantly withdrawable earnings by referring friends!

Here’s an example of how you do it:

  • Invite five friends to play on the PokerBaazi App
  • Get them to play 25/50 stakes for just 1 hour a day
  • Earn upto INR 20,000 per month in Commission Balance
  • Commission balance is instantly withdrawable and can be:
    1. Withdrawn to your bank account or
    2. Transferred to your gaming balance to play more poker games.

Do more with your friends on PokerBaazi!

Invite them to play on India’s biggest online poker platform today!