Satte Pe Satta Card Game

Satte pe Satta is a widely played card game in India. It became so popular that a Bollywood movie was named after the Tash game. Here, the players have to discard the cards quickly. The chain will start with the first person, and with every round, people will start losing their cards. The game's motive is similar to the Bluff card game, where you had to release cards before anyone else. However, with Satte pe Satta, all cards in the pot will be open, and everyone can see each other cards.

The Satte pe Satta game is also called a parliament, dominos, and fan tan in many parts of the world, mainly because of how the cards are arranged. During the card cash game, you need to ensure that the card chain is going in the right direction, so people lay cards in different shapes and patterns, validating their various card names. You can also play Satte pe Satta tash game online by downloading it from Google Playstore.

How to Play Satte Pe Satta Card Game

The Satte pe Satta game can easily be played between 3 to 8 players, where everyone receives face-down cards distributed equally. However, if it's not possible, you can take rotation to be the dealer, and all players get to experience the extra card. The game starts with the player who holds 7 of hearts. Now, the next player can either play 6 of hearts or 8 of hearts.

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And, if you want to break the suit, you have to put on 7 of the suits. If you are a beginner, you can arrange these cards into different suits in your hand. This way, you will have a better idea of what card you can play next. Also, if you don't have the required card, you can quote "KNOCK" and skip the turn. This doesn't mean that you can pass your turn even when you have a playable card.

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As per Satte pe Satta card game rules, if caught, you can be penalized, in terms of money or chips, whatever you have chosen as a base. Satte pe Satta card game rules are very simple and easy to grasp as the 3 patti card game. Your primary goal should be discarding as many cards but in a fair manner. The player that loses all cards will be called the Satte pe Satta card game winner.

Satte Pe Satta Card Game Rules

1. You can play more than one card every round

If only a few numbers of players are in the game, you can qualify players to release more than one card that fills up the sequence. For instance, a player can arrange a series of 4, 5, and 6 of diamonds and accelerate the process. Most people become sloppy and lethargic at the end of the game, and this can be your rescue pill.

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2. Use chips to play the game

While playing for money, you can use poker chips to raise your share. The person with the least number of cards will have to raise an extra chip to balance the card game. Also, when someone passes their turn, they will be obliged to put a poker chip in the pot. In the end, the winner of the Satte pe Satta card game gets the pot.

3. Ace is the lowest card, not the highest

While talking about Ace, we think it the highest card of the deck, but it's actually the opposite. The value of Ace in most online poker games and Satte pe Satta games is 1 that two number cards of any suit are the second-lowest card, not the first.

4. Keep track of the points

For long-run Satte pe Satta card games, you can keep a record every time a player loses a card. You can attach specific points to maintain the standards of the game efficiently. For instance, if every card with the player gets one point, you can keep a target of 50-100 points, after which the game will stop. The player who has reached the maximum point will come last, and the one with the lowest score will be the winner.

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5. Keep your sixes, seven, and eight for the longest

These three cards are the most vulnerable in the Satte pe Satta card game. The seven cards can change the current suit chain of the tash game, and every time this happens you will be required the sixes and eight cards to fill up the series. If not, you will have to declare a pass and put an extra poker chip in the pot.

Satte Pe Satta Game Vs Poker Card Game

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Satte Pe Satta Game FAQs

Satte pe Satta is a very famous card game widely played in India. Here, you need to discard all your cards quickly by betting cards that are numerically or rank-wise arranged in the card deck. For instance, if a player throws 4 of spades, the next player can either give out 3 spades of 5 of spades. This series can only be changed with 7 of any suits, and you can then continue the game like previously mentioned.

There are many Tash games that you can quickly learn, including Satte pe Satta. Here, you have to throw the cards in numerical order. There is no rocket science involved in the card game.
Satte pe Satta card game is the most fun game to be played with family. It has very simple rules that can be easily grasped, aiming to discard all cards. You can also play the Satte pe Satta card game online with virtual people on various card game apps. Here, you can not only play but win exclusive cash prizes just by playing a simple tash game.